2nd Presidential Debate

Alright, this time the debate is in my hometown, Nashville. Just a few miles from where I went to High School many years ago. Belmont University is within walking distance of Vanderbilt University and is between two distinct sides of Nashville, Rich and Poor.

You know I tried to get into the debate, but I’m not an undecided voter so I’m not apart of the “in-crowd” of undecided voters. But you know I’m going to be all up in this one, so I’m going to give my analysis on two parts. The Outside Analysis and the Inside Analysis. The inside is just about the debate itself and the outside is just what it was like outside. The streets around Belmont (Belmont Blvd) and connecting streets to Hillsboro Road are now closed. So we’ll see how close I can get.

I plan on having my analysis the next day so don’t forget to check it out.


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