Coming off like the old guy in the neighborhood that yells at all the kids to, “get off my lawn” we have our 2nd Presidential Debate. With all the jokes that didn’t fly and getting in Tom Brokaw’s way I think it was better than the other one, but I don’t know what McCain can possibly do other than discuss the issues to have a chance.


All weekend long you and your Affirmative Action running mate have ran around the country trying to scare up votes from people who are looking for any excuse not to confront their own reality. You ask them, “Who is Barack Obama?” In fact the FBI was called to investigate some of the people at your rally for their comments. What does it say about your supporters when they find it acceptable social behavior to call a Presidential Candidate a terrorist and yells out the words “kill him”? What does it say when your supporters finds it acceptable behavior to tell a television network sound man who is Black to “Move Boy I can’t see”? What does it say about your campaign to attack Joe Biden on the day he is attending his Mother-In-Law’s funeral? You couldn’t have saved that for another day?

Instead of trying to raise doubts why don’t you talk about the issue that’s on everyone minds, the economy? You may believe the fundamentals of the economy are strong, but your handling of it is weak.

You John McCain have essentially put Country Last with evidence of these tactics. Your own campaign advisors that did not want to be identified told the New York Daily News 10/05/08 “If we keep talking about the economic crisis, we’re going to lose.”

Well Mr. McCain that’s exactly what you’re doing. Here’s a hint, it’s the economy stupid.


You were asked an easy question by an audience member. Who would you have as your Secretary of Treasury?

McCain – I knew you wanted to say Phil Gramm, but you knew that wouldn’t play like a one string guitar in Nashville. So you went with Meg Whitman.

Who’s Meg Whitman? Did anyone tell McCain that the company Whitman headed until six months ago, getting badly outmaneuvered by Google (GOOG) and (AMZN) in the process, just announced it is letting go 1,000 employees?

One more thing for John. You keep on saying that you know how to fix the economy, I know how to win a war, and I know how to do everything. If you know how to do fix these things why don’t you do it? Why do you hold it over our head? We have to elect you for you to do these things? Who’s putting country first?


John McCain said that he would ask the Treasury Secretary to buy up approximately $300 Billion bad home mortgage loans and renegotiate at the new diminished value of the home. Now correct me if I’m wrong on this, but isn’t the general argument of the Republican Party is why should we give aid to people who unwisely purchased homes they couldn’t afford?

Now I actually can understand and come to an agreement with that argument on many levels. Things do happen; people lose their jobs, love ones get sick, hurricanes causes flooding to their homes that insurance will not pay, etc. I would love to have a multimillion dollar home, but that would be foolish for me to even consider because I wouldn’t be able to pay for it.

So you’re suggesting that we ADD another $300 Billion to the $700 Billion. What was the purpose of the first “Bailout” or “Rescue”?


I guess Nashville isn’t as exciting as Washington and the other 6 places you call home Sen. McCain. At 10:43 PM CST C-Span informs its audience that John McCain has left the building in efforts to explain why the camera was fixed on Barack & Michelle Obama.

Now I’ve been to the Curb Center at Belmont University and it’s a nice campus that sits in a comfortable and diverse old middle-class neighborhood that is literally in the middle of a lower income neighborhood of Nashville in comparison to its upper income neighborhood of Green Hills. Either way, it’s a cool area of town.

I know it may be pass his normal bedtime, but come on now. You’re running for President, you’ve got to be able to shake more than just a couple hands. Ya boy Fred Thompson was there. I believe he was sitting behind or near Al Gore. You could have said something to my man Harold Ford, Jr. I guess you had more important things to do or people to see.

There’s much more, but I’ll stop for now. I’ll rephrase my last question for who won the debate the same answer McCain gave when talking about taxes. That one. That one being Obama.

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