Paint The White House Black

Can someone please explain why SOME White people are so paranoid and govern by fear with the thought of a Black President?

Don’t give me the crap about it’s not Black people it’s just Barack, because that’s a lie. It’s a reason why his gotten as far as he has and it’s not because of his race.

Bobby Lee May, McCain Campaign Chairman for Buchanan County, VA had the nerve to say that if Barack Obama is elected he would hire the rapper Ludacris to paint the White House black.

This supports the point that you can’t tell everybody everything, because some people just will not understand what you mean by it.

Now for Barack Obama or anyone else to paint the White House black would be reason to have him arrested for defacing a federal government building.

The McCain Campaign was forced to fired this idiot once notified by the LA Times of his article. I wonder if they would dismiss his vote too?

Why do racist tend to endorse the Republican Party ideology? I know that they’re some racist Democrats too, but it seems that they overwhelmingly more vocal, open and more than willing to support the Republican candidate.

What is more amazing about it all, and it comes from a group called, Women for John McCain.

John Sidney McCain promised to run his campaign with honor and integrity, rising above the negative politics of the past. And if this piece published by his county campaign chair is any indication, we’re well on the road to winning a proud victory of integrity, honesty, and honor in Virginia, and all around the country, this November!

Here at the Women for John McCain campaign offices, we’re sure you’ll want to contact the McCain campaign and their county campaign chair, Bobby Lee May, to congratulate them on their outstanding support for John McCain in this historic campaign!

I’m sure they would love to hear what you have to say. They were so kind to provide contact information on their website for you to voice your support. But if you can’t get to the site right now I’ll make it easy for you.

• McCain national campaign:
• McCain Virginia campaign
• Republican National Committee (Mike Duncan, Chair):
• Virginia Republican Party:
• Buchanan County Republican Party (Jerry M. Lester, Chair): tel. 276-935-4764 or 276-935-5483
• Bobby May: tel. 276-566-8788

Washington Post “McCain Unveils VA Leadership Team


2 thoughts on “Paint The White House Black

  1. Uhm, you *did* read all through the Women For John McCain site, right? So you did get the sarcasm dripping from just about every article, right? If you didn’t, I suggest re-reading it until you do.

  2. Uhm, it seems that You didn’t answer any of the questions. Instead of trying to avoid it by saying I didn’t read something that I was only referencing at the end why not answer the question .

    I did get their (Women for John McCain) supposed sarcasm. It’s interesting how you failed to address the meat of the matter and just focus on “I’m being sarcastic”.

    It’s OK for Bobby May, Sarah Palin and their supporters to say whatever, but I’m being sarcastic because I oppose it.

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