What’s Next

With all of the rhetoric from both sides we hear another desperate attempt coming from the McCain/Palin Campaign.

Do you really want to go there again John? I can easily rehash all of the articles that document how you voted against the troops on multiple occasions. As matter-of-fact, let’s go there.

Supporting the Troops Argument — This time it comes from Cindy McCain. What’s amazing is how she can have the nerve to attack Barack Obama’s vote and did not mention the same NO vote from her own husband on the same bill that came up two month later.

Perhaps I can get the assistance from the Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America on your version of support for our troops. Let’s start with Project Vote Smart. Project Vote Smart provides easy access to Congressional and State voting records and maintains a collection of key votes grouped by issue. Key votes typically include the initial passage of legislation and final conference report votes versions.

Let’s check out what they say about John McCain and Barack Obama’s voting record on Veteran Issues. Don’t tell me I’m not fair just because you don’t like the facts.

Since John & Cindy McCain wants you to believe that he’s always there for our troop’s maybe you can explain why he did not vote for a bill that would provide $1 Billion in supplies for our National Guard troops?

Explain how in October 2003 John McCain did not vote for a bill that would give $322 Million in safety equipment for our troops in Iraq?

Since John McCain is always there for our troops maybe you can explain how in March 2004 he voted against tax loop holes that would have increased veterans medical care by $1.8 Billion?

Perhaps you can explain why VoteVets.org and WesPAC, a group formed by former Supreme Allied Commander in Europe General Wesley Clark had to persuade you John McCain vote yes to provide improved education benefits for soldiers returning home from the two wars. (Source: Military.com “Vets to McCain: Back New GI Bill” 04/10/08)

John, Cindy, Sarah and anyone else who has purchased the McCain/Palin Snake Oil; save your disingenuous outrage for someone who will not fact check your claims or is govern by the same ideology of fear you are promoting to win an election. You put your country first when you put integrity and truth first.

I can only image what’s next. I’m just waiting for someone in your campaign to just speak freely and call Barack Obama a N-Word. Why not? Some of you think it, why not be brave and honest enough to say it instead of hiding behind your “Country First” banner?