How Long? Not Long?

How Long? Not Long?

I’m sure we all are getting weary of the political overload as some like myself are overdosing on it.

I was trying to find words that best express how ready I am to vote and to end what is becoming the reemergence of a past American nightmare.

The sheepish Blacks and bullish Whites who insist on believing that James Crow, esq. is dead are finding it difficult to support that argument today. In fact James Crow is alive and working as a political strategist.

The former Democratic Strategist that disappeared in the late 60’s, and then briefly made a cameo during the early 80’s has been reluctantly recruited by a Republican campaign this year, but with the slickness and sophistication of 21st Century media.

James Crow aka Jim may be dead to many, but his legacy lives on. It lives on through unknowing individuals who feel that “Power is slipping” out of their hands. It lives on through coded language that excites the disillusioned to believe that someone is taking something from them. It lives on through fear of the unsocial zed and the gated societies of the mind. It lives on through the Black who is more willing to go along to get along, and the White who may disagree with the tactics but continues to participate in a silent protest in fear of those tactics being used against them.

So how long will this continue to go on?

It will continue as long as you allow it.

This campaign is coming to an end and we have seen plenty. The politics of fear has fallen prey to an overwhelming politics of hope. But now is not the time to concede or rejoice prematurely. The race isn’t over and the unknowing participants of fear and hate die-hard.

Some will choose to submit comments to attack me while never addressing the real issue. Some will choose to submit comments in support. Although I appreciate you participation in this blog I want you to think about where you are in your protest.

You may be like the individuals we’ve seen and heard of who has chosen the politics of fear. They have chosen to be afraid of a President Obama, they have chosen to fear change; they have chosen to embrace the proven failed politics of the status quo. That’s fine if you do, but do not attack me for embracing the possibilities of change.

John McCain is now forced to retreat from the strategy he once engaged in. He has found that “The Southern Strategy” is not as affective as it was in the past. The fact that some of his participants of his political rallies are echoing those we’ve seen during the Civil Rights Movement.

So how long do we have to endure the coded rhetoric of politicians? Not Long?