Colin Powell Endorsement

Say it ain’t so, could it be true. Former Secretary of State Gen. Colin Powell is going to endorse Barack Obama.  Now I dare a Republican to question Colin Powell’s decision making abilities.

I guess in the midst of all of the KILL HIM, TERRORIST, NOBAMA, ARAB crap going on at McCain/Palin rallies they forgot the Black Republicans who were watching them. Not just any run-of-the-mill Black Republican (nothing against average Black conservatives), but people such as someone you often hear me talk kindly of my man J.C. Watts. Have they forgotten about Dr. Condoleeza Rice and Gen. Colin Powell? I guess so.

We’ll see if the man who I believe could have easily been the first President that is Black, will publicly endorse Barack Obama. That would be it.


Huffington Post – 10/15/08 “Colin Powell is Ready to Endorse