Presidential Debate @ Hofstra University

You already know that I have something to say about this one, but I’ll save it until after the debate. I ask you please come back tomorrow for my final analysis.

After the debate I would love to hear what stood out to you. You don’t have to agree with me to offer up your opinions, but you must be willing to respond back to questions and/or comments.

Until then I would like to share a video of a wonderful journalist whom I’ve had the pleasure of corresponding with on occasion. I visit her blog everyday and you should too. Here’s a clip of her interview with Hempstead, NY Mayor Wayne Hall regarding the debate.

If you can not see this video, please click here.

If you’re not able to watch the debate on television you can watch it online on the following websites:

§ Current & Twitter

§ Hulu

§ MyDebates


Melissa Cole Blogs – 10/12/08 “Mayor of final prez debate host town talks campaign issues

Hofstra UniversityDebate Website

Commission on Presidential Debates – Official Website

PS: Is that “Before I Let Go” by Maze playing in the background.


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