Joe the Plumber

My 3rd Presidential Debate Analysis



The most famous plumber in America today is an Ohio plumber named Joe Wurzelbacher. Joe the Plumber confronted Barack Obama regarding the notion that Barack Obama will raise his taxes. Barack clearly answered him in person and then again at the debate. So if you “Joe the Plumber” are reading this I address this to you. I will make this as basic as possible. If you are making $250,000.00 or less in a single year your taxes will not be raised under Barack Obama’s Tax Plan. If you are making $250,001.00 or more in a single year your taxes will be raised; raised to the level they were during the Clinton Administration.

Nothing against plumbers, but I don’t know many wealthy plumbers. Unless you have several employees and your Plumbing practice is very successful you will be exempt. Don’t believe the McCain hype.


Obviously Senator McCain had to go on the attack, but it appears to have backfired once again. All of the opinion polls from ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, CNN and even FOX show that Barack Obama won again. I don’t know what McCain can do at this point. The negative tone of the campaign, the economy, Sarah Palin and the lack of a positive message that connects to the working-class may be at the root of the strategy.


I include this one for all of the people who made a big deal over Barack Obama not wearing a flag pin. During each Presidential Debate John McCain did not wear the sacred American Flag Pin.

So I want to raise the same question posed to Barack Obama. Where is your flag pin John McCain? Barack Obama had his own during each debate. Don’t you love America or is questioning patriotism only for Non-Whites?


During the Pre-Debate rallies you and your running mate felt comfortable poking at the unspoken fears of some of your White supporters. Sarah Palin continues to talk about “palling around with terrorist”, but you are surprised by some of your supporters who has bought into this rhetoric of fear. We have heard things such as calls like “KILL HIM”, “TERRORIST”, “HIS AN ARAB”, “MUSLIM” and many other words you can imagine. But you act like you’re offended when Congressman John Lewis and many other notable public figures of many political leanings publicly speak out against the rhetoric and stoking of White fear of your supporters. Save your disingenuous outrage and take this opportunity that Republicans, Democrats and Independents has warned and urge you to do, get control of your campaign and stop these threatening tactics. You do not want his blood on your hands.


I already knew you would inject Bill Ayers, so let’s address it one more time for those who were not listening during the Primaries.

Who is Bill Ayers and what is Barack Obama’s association with him?

Bill Ayers WAS a member of an Anti-Vietnam War militant group called “The Weather Underground”. This group was responsible for bombing government buildings during the Vietnam era. This is about the time Barack would have been in 2nd or 3rd grade.

Presently, Bill Ayers is a professor of education at the University of Illinois in Chicago. Bill Ayers did NOT contribute in the launching of Barack Obama’s political career. That honor should be attributed to an Illinois State Senator Alice Palmer for encouraging Barack to run for her seat.

Barack Obama has condemned those acts Ayers did 40 years ago. Ayer has no involvement in his campaign and will have no place in his administration. Now if you want to talk about the people Barack associates with you can begin with Warren Buffett, Dick Luger, Gen. James Jones and Joe Biden to name a few. So John let us not raise your associations with a guy named Keating or even a guy named Bush.


That’s very true John, but you have to admit that it’s very difficult to distinguish yourself from George W. Bush when your policies and even campaigning tactics are so similar. I’m not my parents, but someone who knows them can see their characteristics in me. The fact that you have agreed with George Bush policies 90% of the time doesn’t distinguish you too much from him.


I don’t know what else to say to you Mr. McCain. In my state we have early voting. I took the opportunity to stand in line for a little over an hour yesterday to cast my voice. During this campaign you and others have did everything you can to derail Barack Obama and amazingly nothing has worked. It seems that you have adopted the politics of the past in efforts to convince voters you are the politician of the future. The way you have conducted yourself during this campaign is shocking. The same tactics used against you in the 2000 election is what you have incorporated in 2008. Who is the real John McCain? A maverick that has been forced to use the despicable Karl Rove-ish like tactics. You rather lose your integrity to win an election. I hope after this is over you can find a way to redeem yourself and behavior. As for now, I have placed my vote with Barack Obama.


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  1. John McCain is a WHINER! He couldn’t answer a straight question without adding a whine at the end. Though he said he doesn’t care about “washed up” Ayers, he evidently does because he keeps bringing him up. But the viewers, obviously don’t–its old news. What will you do for me now.

    In answering the question about the negative tone of the campaign, he whined about Obama’s attack ads against his policies–while he ran attack ads against Obama’s character (example: the ad that says Obama wants to teach kindergartner kids about sex with an image of Obama looking like a pervert). WTF? (makes me so anger I could cuss)
    Then he has the audacity to be offended by John Lewis’ comments. If he really considered Lewis a friend, he would have gone to him to find out why someone he admired so much would say that he was fueling racial tension reminiscent of the George Wallace days. I disagree with in thinking that Barack’s “lack of response” about Lewis was his weakest moment of the debate. He did not fall for the ploy. If McCain wants an apology for what Lewis said, let him go to Lewis for the apology (though I think Lewis was right to say what he said–even his toned down version). McCain didn’t say a dang thing to calm any of the hate that was being stirred by Palin, AND his wife Cindy during that whole week. He didn’t say anything until the end of the week–to a little white haired lady. He said he could not be responsible for a few what might be out of line at his rally. He actually said he was proud of the people who attack his rallies, and I don’t have a problem with that. But, what he didn’t do was publicly denounce the hatred that was swirling aound. Well, Barack is not responsible for what John Lewis who knows very well from experience what it is like to be object of racial hatred–attacked by dogs and hosed by the police because of the atmosphere stirred and allowed by George C. Wallace (because wanted their right to vote). Barack said he disagreed with Lewis, and McCain should have left it (sounding like a whiner), but he kept pushing trying to force Barack into an unnecessary apology–which would have been used as a sound bit in a McCain attack ad first thing the next morning.

    (Sorry Tim for using your blog as my soap–I got a little carried away.)

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