Presidential Stand-Up Routine

I’m not talking about the Bush Administration, but John McCain and Barack Obama were at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Dinner a few days ago where we got to see a bit of their comedic side. Now I love political humor.

John McCain

Now I still can’t understand why John McCain didn’t embrace this approach in his campaign, because it works for you. This was actually funny. It reminds me of the John McCain from 2000. In the midst of the political humor you can actually hear a hint of concession wrapped around sincere words from John McCain.

Barack Obama

I also found Barack Obama to be funny and gracious towards Senator McCain. It seemed like a quiet and cautious acceptance of what’s to come.

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One thought on “Presidential Stand-Up Routine

  1. I loved those routines. Apparently it takes the pope sitting next to McCain in order for him to behave. 🙂

    I really enjoyed watching them and they were both funny.

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