Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama

A few days ago I mentioned the rumor of Former Secretary of State Gen. Colin Powell was considering publicly making an endorsement, well I guess that rumor was true.

Sunday, October 19, 2008 on Meet The Press the Former Secretary of State, Retired General, Former National Security Adviser, Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Republican, respected statesman and undoubtedly a man who could have been the first President who was Black has endorsed Barack Obama for President.

I’m sure you will hear some individuals, primarily stanched Republicans spin this endorsement to lessen its impact and soften the sting of a fellow Republicans and highly respect Americans words to the reality of the McCain Campaign and what is now the Republican Party.

Some will immediately disagree with Colin Powell and/or me with a variety of excuses all the while excluding the real truth behind their disagreement or disappointment.

Some will make suggestions of race regarding Colin Powell, but for those individuals I dare you to challenge his patriotism, intellect of the critical political matters that a President will face, his judgment or his abilities to be fair.

Finally, some will make the absurd suggestions Colin Powell is abandoning the Republican Party with outrageous and unsupported accusations. When they do I ask you to listen closely to what they are insinuating and line it up to character and measurement of the quality of Colin Powell’s record.

I’m a Democrat and do not trust many Republicans and often find their words and deeds suspect, but I have repeatedly said that it’s not all of them. Colin Powell is one of those Republicans that I trust. Not because of this endorsement, but because of the way he has conducted himself. I disagreed with him on the Iraq War, but understood where he was coming from.

You don’t have to take my words for it; you can just listen for yourself.

If you can not see the video, please click here.

*Video will be updated with more footage when it becomes available.

In case you needed a little bit more, here’s Secretary Powell’s press briefing after his interview on Meet The Press.

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I wonder how many of the “Undecided Voters” will follow the example and formulations that resulted in his decision? How many will follow his example on November 4th?

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  1. Just like clockwork the Republican establishment and subscribers are all doing their best to offer the same talking points. Every one of them. It’s funny. I though Pat Buchanan was going to have a heart attack.

    They are doing everything they can to discredit Colin Powell in an underhanded way. This is funny. Just sit back and watch them explode.

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