For those who are sufficiently soft-minded to believe in the superiority of White America and the inferiority of all others in spite of the research of tough-minded anthropologist who reveal the falsity of such a notion are destined to be consumed by their own hate and acknowledgment of their own insecurities.

The opinion of some Whites who has subscribed to this philosophy is not explicit to all White Americans. Nor are the betrayals of Black Americans to that of all Blacks and so on. That’s the definition of America, we are not a homogenous society.

When your first name becomes Nigger, your middle name becomes Terrorist and your last name persistently smeared by the subscribers of fear you find yourself questioning the meaning of “America”.

As the mathematicians of racial propaganda continue their lesson plan to divide us politically, injected the venom of hate into our democracy and infecting a political party with the Hyper-Incendiary Venom of demagoguery. The question must be asked, “Who’s the real Domestic Terrorist?”

During the 3rd Presidential Debate John McCain said that he was proud of his supporters. He mentioned the “fringe people” who make it into their rallies, but never takes action for the tone his campaign has essentially adopted into a political strategy. These insurgents are pushing him closer into a strategy of demagoguery.

Who’s the one palling around with Domestic Terrorist?

The offensive characterizations and language used by your supporters Mr. McCain are the white phosphorus tactics that is imploding not only your campaign, not only your integrity, but any minority recruitment efforts by the GOP for many years to come.

Why is it that we only hear these things from White McCain Supporters? What about your Black and other minority supporters Mr. McCain? Sarah Palin talks about palling around with terrorist? What are you doing?

Where is the so-called “Religious Right”?

Why are you silent? Where’s your outrage? What or Who is holding you back?

Matter-of-fact, where’s the Republican Party? This is not the party of Lincoln and Douglas you often reference. What are you doing? Someone say something. I often disagree with you, but I don’t think that you would accept this type of activity going on in your own Party.

Black Republicans… I would not want to be you right now. I actually respect many of you, because you’re often the regulators. You balance the conversation. If you have read anything I’ve written on this blog you will see that I tend to be more complementary to many of you. But I am taken back by the meekness of your voice. Speak Up! You can not have this going on in your presence.

The insurgents of hate are working to infuriate the McCain/Palin Campaign. This is not a fair characterization of who John McCain is? As a Democrat I can honestly say that this is not a fair characterization of the Republican Party?

If I can raise my voice to speak out against these activities why can’t you? Less you agree with those activities.

When does silence become betrayal? It happens when the hatred is unchallenged. It happens when it is socially acceptable for purveyors of intolerance find solace in a political campaign. Republicans & Democrats are guilty. Democrats during the primaries, Republicans now, but are you independent enough to speak up and out against it?

In case you misunderstood what these people said, here’s what a few of them had to say…

“I’m afraid if he wins, the blacks will take over. He’s not a Christian! This is a Christian nation! What is our country gonna end up like?”

“When you got a Negra running for president, you need a first stringer. He’s definitely a second stringer.”

What is America if there isn’t Republicans, Democrats, and Independence working together for democracy? I’ll tell you what it is; it’s what you’re seeing more and more at McCain/Palin rallies.

The ambiguous members of the domestic terror cells among us believes if you don’t agree with them or see America as they see it, then you are Un-American. That’s not John McCain, that’s not Barack Obama, that’s not pro-America.

The enemies of democracy would delight in believing that there tactics resonate in the American psyche. The hard truth is that the civility of Pro-Americans is a remarkable feature of major importance. The fact that Republicans and Democrats, Christian, Muslim or Jew, Black, White, Asian, Native and Latinos place various degrees of emphasis on certain tactical approaches is not indicative of being Un-American. Unity has never meant uniformity, neither is our politics.

Ironically Racism is not Racist. It sees no color. Anyone can be a racist regardless of race, political party, religion and any status.

Additional References:

The New York Observer – 10/07/08 “Black Congressmen Declare Racism in Palin’s Rhetoric

Crooks & Liars – 10/16/08 “McCain/Palin Supporters Let Their Racist Roots Show


4 thoughts on “Pro-America

  1. Really good post. I wonder what people will think in fifty years when they look back at this election or at the video clips you posted and learn about how a presidential candidate was actually believed to be a Muslim and a terrorist in some parts of the country (“real” America, I guess). I really hate partisanship (on both ends of the spectrum), but the smears coming from the right are so bigoted and appeal to the worst in people that I wonder if the Republican Party will have been completely purged of moderates by the next election. I don’t mind if people hold really liberal or really conservative views, but if you’re not willing to debate the issues reasonably and work to compromise, we’ll just have more of the same. Hopefully Obama, when elected, can do what he set out to do–heal the divide and end petty bickering in Washington.

  2. I followed your ‘footprints’ over here from “Steadycat’s” site.

    This is a GREAT post. Thank you for your insight and rational thought.

    My most recent post is titled…”John Mc Cain…Two Sides of The Same Coin”. You might like this.

    I’ll be eager to visit your site again and read what you post next.

    Kindest Regards,


  3. Thanks for your thoughts.

    I had this “Carol” chick post on my blog this morning, and I responded friendly as I try to do. Then I clicked the link to her site, and she was peddling “the fake citizen Obama will marry your white daughters and install the black panthers as his cabinet” bullshit. I’m being hyperbolic, but I was sick to my stomach that I’d been friendly.

    Note to self, check first.

    But I’d really like an America where Republicans represent financial prudence and conserving the things that are worth conserving…i.e. the Environment.

    Obama is really graceful in making sure to criticize conservative policies and not Republicans. I’m lacking that grace. I’m ticked off that Republicans don’t rebuke or at least educate what I consider the crazies.

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