The Great Comparison

After denying that he said “Liberals Hate America” at a McCain/Palin Rally a few days ago. Republican U.S. Representative of the 1st Congressional District of North Carolina Robin Hayes was proven to be lying by with his own words in his own voice.

Sarah Palin! She’s a lady that can get ‘er done. She’s been in Alaska. She got ‘er did! Folks, there’s a real America, and liberals hate real Americans that work, and accomplish, and achieve and believe in God. That’s a great comparison.

Well I guess the sheet is off now, because everyone is exposing themselves.

Now this is the problem is that the way you see the world demonstrates that you believe that you are “The way, the truth and the life. No one is a real American, but through the way you see it.” Unless you was born in Nazareth and your mother name is Mary, father name is Joseph and your younger brother’s name is James then you would need to change your opinion.

1. How can you possible say that any one who considers themselves to be open-minded or as you say liberal does not believe in God?
2. How do you have the nerve to suggest that any one who considers themselves to be open-minded or as you say liberal born in the United States, Un-American?
3. What authority do you have to say that I do not value work and have not made accomplishments?
4. “GET ‘ER DONE” I’m sure your High School English teacher cringed anytime he/she hears this phrase. “GOT ‘ER DID”?

(Now being from Tennessee I amazingly understand what you mean. I just for someone to follow-up with a “YEE HAW”. Then I immediately leave.)

The self-righteousness of you and many in your party is what is destroying you. The silence of some is what weakens your arguments. Is anyone thinking beyond November 4th? You should throw out any recruitment efforts aimed at anyone who is not White Christian or live in a rural or affluent areas out the window, because many of you have made any future attempts virtually impossible.

All White Christians do not believe what you believe Rep. Hayes. Liberal is not a bad term in fact it defines someone who is open-minded and considers other views different than that of their own. I am a real American who lives in a real America. I would invite you to rejoin it.

When you stop thinking that America is only White, America is only Christian, America is only Conservative you will find the Real America.

America is a country of natives and immigrants of many shades, cultures and beliefs. The great comparison is looking back from what we were to what we can become. That’s the great comparison of America Mr. Hayes.

Don’t believe me, research for yourself:

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