Remember New Hampshire

Although I’m all for Obama, I’m not going to allow myself to get too comfortable with how things are today. This is partial because of my lack of trust of some within the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. One accuses the other of intimidation while the other accuses the other of fraud. So I am a little cautious of proclaiming victory, before the last vote is counted. It’s too close to Halloween for me to believe that someone will not try to play a trick on my treat.

So I agree with Barack when I say, Remember New Hampshire. But there’s more that you should remember.

Remember Tom Bradley, Remember Harvey Gant, Remember Douglass Wilder, Remember the 19th Amendment, Remember Medgar Evers, Remember Fannie Lou Hammer, Remember Susan B. Anthony, Remember Martin Luther King, Remember the March in Selma, Remember the Woman Suffrage Movement, Remember the Civil Rights Movement, Remember Florida 2000, Remember Ohio 2004, but most of all I want you to remember the people you know who didn’t have the opportunity to vote or was tricked out of it when you go to the polls. When you vote you not only stand for yourself, but you stand for those who does not have the opportunity to stand.

Now I’m going sound like a preacher for a minute here, but there’s no reason for anyone to celebrate or to congratulate, just make sure you participate.

This “Electoral Map” of the National Presidential Race is provided by You only need 270 Electoral Votes to become the President. Even if John McCain got all of the 95 toss up electoral votes and Barack Obama maintained what is predicted here it would be enough, but leaving it up to chance is not enough. You must vote and take as many people with you as possible.