Obama Search Engine?

Will there be an Obama Search Engine?

Probably not, but Google CEO Eric Schmidt has publicly endorsed Barack Obama.

This tells you what type of techie I am. Last November I remember watching the series “Candidates at Google”. I believe it was online. The only one I bothered to watch all the way through was Barack Obama. That’s not really a surprise, but I watched John Edwards, Hillary Clinton and even John McCain.

Like the rest of the candidates Barack Obama spent an hour with Eric Schmidt discussing issues in front of Google employees last year and what he would do in e-land if elected?

One of those things that Barack has referenced on occasion since that interview was his proposal of putting government data online in universally accessible formats. He also suggested that he’ll let citizens track federal grants, contracts, earmarks, and lobbyist contacts. I’ll let you participate in government forums, ask questions in real time, offer suggestions that will be reviewed before decisions are made, and let you comment on legislation before it is signed. And to ensure that every government agency is meeting 21st century standards, I’ll appoint the nation’s first Chief Technology Officer.

Hmmm… Secretary of Technology Eric Schmidt?

As a techie myself I rarely discuss tech issues on this blog for some reason. Although I do have a technical solution I believe would increase the voting efficiency through-out the country using current technology. Perhaps I may get an opportunity to suggest this to the nation’s first Chief Technology Officer?

Anyway, I would love to know who Yahoo!, MSN and Rushmore Drive endorse.

I guess it makes sense, since John McCain admitted he “doesn’t use the email.” He’ll probably still use an abacus to solve the financial crisis. (OK, OK I’m sorry for that one. That was a cheap shot. Forgive Me. I couldn’t resist.)

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