A Few Good Republicans

FINALLY! There’s McCain Supporters who are willing to confront the racist and bigots within their own campaign. I salute you. I absolutely agree with the people who said something. You see whenever you confront ignorance with truth it runs away.

I absolutely disagree with many things some within the Republican Party proclaims, but I was willing to take you at your word that the party isn’t a party where bigots can feel comfortable. I believe that the party has damaged its argument of being inclusive in many minority communities, but if the open-minded conservatives continue to speak up along with open-minded liberals we can begin to repair what both parties have messed up.

Now I think John McCain has ran an unorganized and divisive campaign, but I’m glad he did.


2 thoughts on “A Few Good Republicans

  1. I find it amazing that they are so ignorant they can’t even answer the simple questions about where they’ve gotten their information–but still they want to spread it. It’s good to see that there are those who will stand up against it the hate-mongers.

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