Florida Now Apart of Un-America?

According to recent Republican Rhetoric I guess we can conclude that the state of Florida is now apart of the “Un-American” part of America.

If you believe that I have some swamp land in Florida to sell you.

Before any final results are calculated, before any polls in the state has officially closed on November 4th we hear murmurs of defeat from surprising corners. A high-profile conservative lobbyist suggests that Florida Governor Charlie Crist has conceded the state to Barack Obama.


Because Gov. Crist extended the hours of the states voting precincts from 8 hours to 12 hours to keep up with demand.

It’s tough to make up territory when the other guys are just obliterating you on the airwaves,” lamented former Republican State Chairman Al Cardenas, who conceded Obama was ahead but insisted that McCain had narrowed the gap.” – FLORIDA REPUBLICAN CHAIR AL CARDENAS

Cheer up Mr. Cardenas it’s not over yet. Didn’t John McCain say that, “we got them just where we want them”?

It’s not often that I will openly agree with a Republican, but I think Gov. Crist is doing his job on this one. Extending the hours to accommodate the overwhelming response of registered voters of the state is not a bad thing. Isn’t he encouraging democracy?

If we take off our partisan hats we would have to believe that some of those people standing in line are voting for John McCain. Why would any Republican or Democrat discourage democracy? Extending the hours at the polling stations in Florida promotes his appreciation of democracy.

So I agree with the Republican Governor’s statement, “It’s not a political decision, and it’s a people decision.– GOV. CHARLIE CRIST (R-FL)

All Democrats are not what Republicans say they are. All Republicans are not what Democrats say they are. There are some Republicans & Democrats who support democracy.  Why suppress an opportunity when it’s clear the public desires it. Some of those voters that may be suppressed are Republicans. Why risk it in a close race?

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