Jam Master Jay 2008

Now I’m going to take a break from talking about politics and pay tribute to someone I really admired and often tried to mimic, Jason Mizell also known as Jam Master Jay.

I haven’t talked in detail about this part of my life although I’m a big music fan, especially RUN-DMC. Whenever I would hear any of their songs come on I turn up the radio and somehow it becomes RUN-DMC & Jam Master Tim because I’m on time with my “air turntables” on every break.

Years ago when I was actually on the turntables I would listen to him scratch and try to learn exactly position of the record for each scratch. I even remember when the first Rap video was aired in controversy on MTV “Rock Box”. Now it’s rare to see a Rock video on MTV.

Anyway, a few years ago on this day in 2002 in Hollis, NYC Jam Master Jay was robbed and killed in his studio. I remember getting calls and emails from friends from around the country that learned of his death. They would talk to me like I was his cousin or something. I was just a fan. I was shocked and even angered when someone who doesn’t listen to real Hip Hop at all said “it was probably over drugs”. Obviously they didn’t know Jam Master Jay. (Probably McCain supporters. OK, OK I’m just playing.)

If you can not view this video, please click here.

I care what anyone has to say about this one. I LOVE this video, because it was one of the few times we got to hear Jam Master Jay rap. This clip is a television appears RUN-DMC & Jam Master Jay did on Reading Rainbow from the mid-80’s. I was in high school then, but I was such a big fan I remember watching it just to see them. Yeah, I know it’s sad, but oh well. Just to prove I’m still a big RUN-DMC fan I watch Run’s House on MTV. MAN I LOVE THE 80’s.

I guess my moment of reflection has to end so I’ll say just “like all fairytales end, you’ll see Jay again my friends.”


PS: One more for the people out there that may remember Graffiti Rock.

I guess I’ll always be a big fan of Jam Master Jay.

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