Mystery Anti-Semitic Man

On Thursday, October 30, 2008 Michael Goldfarb appeared on CNN Newsroom with Rick Sanchez. During that interview Mr. Goldfarb is cluelessly spewing the McCain slime with the suggestion that Barack Obama is anti-Semitic.

Rick Sanchez calls Goldfarb out for the hypocrisy of hyping a sinister connection between Obama and a guy that McCain funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars to, and from there, Goldfarb goes right off the rails, refusing to answer Sanchez’s questions with anything other than intimations.

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Mike, you’re just like Sarah Palin and many others that need to fired. Whoever the person in your Smear Department in charge of the Talking Points is really doing some serious damage to your integrity. They’re not even trying to check the facts, McCain’s own record or with the man himself before spewing yet another inaccuracy out into the atmosphere for everyone to easily disprove.

If the people in your Smear Department just did a little more digging or just cleared this with you they would know that Rashid Khalidi is the same guy you gave $448,873 in a grant in 1998 when you was the chairman of the International Republican Institute (IRI).

If they would have just did a little more digging into your own record they would have known that your ties to Mr. Khalidi span further than ten years, but back to 1993. That’s when you (John McCain) joined the International Republican Institute as their chairman. In fact if the people of your Smear Department would have just dug a little bit more or just asked you they would have known that it was the International Republican Institute the one you headed fund several studies in Palestine conducted by… you guessed it Mr. Rashid Khalidi and his group.

In fact the IRI issued a statement on their site (IRI Statement Regarding Work with Palestinians) that I find interesting. Perhaps Grant No#5180 on page 14 of this 1998 IRS Tax Form 990 document can help jog their memory.

The surprising discrediting from Neil Cavuto of FOX News is proof that the smears are weak if they disagree with it.

So Mr. McCain and Mrs. Palin and all of your minions who you feed the pureed food of smear, when will you learn not to do this? You would have had an easier time trying to link Obama to King Koopa from the Super Mario Brothers games. It’s too late now. I’m just ashamed of who you have become during this campaign.

I’ve said it on a few occasions before and I will say it once again. John McCain, would you rather lose your dignity and self-respect in order to win an election?

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One thought on “Mystery Anti-Semitic Man

  1. The argument that Obama is “anti-Semitic” is ridiculous for more than one reason.

    Barack Obama has stated over and over again that he supports Israel as a Democracy and recognizes them as a nation.

    Also, Jews of today are not decedents of the Jews of Biblical times. The vast majority of Jews and Israelis, since the time of Nebuchadnezzar are Khazars of Turkish-Mongol blood. The Jews that exists today are European in origin and therefore NOT Semitic people.

    Now if Obama hated the sons of Canaan, Palestinains, Iraqis, etc…then would he be “anti-Semitic”.

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