Sarah Palin for President 2012?

Senior Aide to Pat Buchanan and Steve Forbe’s Presidential Campaigns offered this tidbit to Politico regarding Sarah Palin 2012.

“If McCain decides to serve for just one term, Sarah Palin, as the economic populist and Traditional American Values candidate will be very appealing by the time we get to 2012.”

I would dissect this one for the “Traditional American Values” comment, but I can read into what he means. Probably the same thing as the “Rural Voters” or how the phrase “White Working-Class” distinguishes the group they are referring too. But I’ll let that go for now.

Now I am not suggesting that Sarah Palin shouldn’t or is not qualified to run for President. She can run for President just as I can run. I was born in the United States and above the age of thirty-five (35). So I want it clear that I don’t have a problem with her running for President.

As a Democrat I can easily point out at least 50 Republicans that are more qualified to become the 2012 Republican Presidential Nominee.

You would think that I was one of his supporters, but I’m not. Although I continue to raise his name in amazement that he wasn’t selected as the running-mate or even at the top of the ticket in 2008 on the Republican side. Mitt Romney would have been a far better and logical choice than Sarah Palin. I’m glad John McCain rushed his decision and picked Sarah Palin.

Regardless of what some would like for you to think, can you imagine Sarah Palin in the Republican Primaries. That would like the Harlem Globetrotters going up against the Washington Capitals; you know who’s going to win, but its entertaining to watch.

All the luck to her. I think she would frustrate people who are more qualified on the right, just as I would frustrate people who are more qualified on the left. I just don’t understand why she is speaking in defeat before the election. I’m all for looking towards the future, but dang let’s see who wins this election first.

And she calls Barack Obama presumptuous.

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