GOP Senate Campaigns Seeing Red

The Republican National Committee tapped a $5 million line of credit Tuesday as part of a renewed effort to help GOP senators facing re-election difficulties, the party’s chairman said Tuesday.Robert M. Duncan said the party committee gave $2 million to the cash-strapped National Republican Senatorial Committee for use in the days before the Nov. 4 elections. “Unfortunately we had a downturn with the economic situation in the country and that appeared to put more of the seats in play.”

Here’s a list of the endangered Republican seats: Kentucky, Georgia, Mississippi, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Oregon and North Carolina. I believe it is safe to add Alaska, where “The Bridge to Nowhere Co-conspirator” Republican Sen. Ted Stevens was convicted Monday on seven (7) felony charges, faced an uphill fight to retain his seat against Anchorage, AK Mayor Mark Begich.

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