Dick Cheney Endorses McCain

This is just perfect. The timing is perfect. Vice-President Dick Cheney publicly endorse Sen. John McCain for President. This can’t be what John ordered.

Let’s all say it together, “Thank You Mr. Vice-President”.


2 thoughts on “Dick Cheney Endorses McCain

  1. RESPECT, don’t ask for it if you can’t give it. If you don’t respect the man, atleast respect the position he holds in your country. It all boils down to RESPECT. There are many things you may never agree with but sitting behind a desk typing on a blog while attacking any man or woman who is willing to put their life in the spotlight in service for your country is truly a total lack of RESPECT. Disagree if you must. It is your right as an American, but learn to do so without a complete lack of character. In this, I speak of you commentor (captainkona) and not so much of your post, although the intent was there.

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