Happy 4th Birthday Son

I’m going to take a break from the political talk to wish my son a Happy Birthday, so this one is for my son who turns four (4) today.

I decided to share this with all who wishes to read it, because I do not see anything wrong with a father telling his son that he loves him often and without reservation.

Some men are afraid to openly and positively express themselves to their children, loved ones and friends. You may love them, but never default on any opportunity to verbally say the words I love you and/or I appreciate you. Life is too short and love is time is too precious to squander it on pride and your own stubbornness. Recognize the gifts in front of you.

It’s not important to rehash all of the events that occurred on the day you was born, but focus on the future. Although I was disappointed with the outcome of the election on that day, but I’ve done everything I can to contribute to a favorable outcome tomorrow.

The best event of that day was having you come into my life. What an honor, privilege and tremendous responsibility it is to be your father. I absolutely love you son.

So as you skip Pre-School and I skip work today I hope you really enjoy yourself. Now I got one of the million things you’ve said you wanted. I just can’t get you everything you see on TV. It’s not like we have seven houses or can drop $150,000 on clothes and accessories. J I’m just “Tim the Daddy”.

Happy 4th Birthday!


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