President-Elect Barack Obama


This is the reason why I signed up and donated immediately after he announced he was running for President. Many people who now supports him laughed at me and said unkind things about his chances and I was crazy and naive to support him. These individuals, both Black and White unknowingly had subscribed to the believe that this was too lofty of a goal for a Black man to actually obtain.

It made me so upset that I decided to resume this blog, a blog that was originally created in 2006, but rarely updated until late 2007. So I thank those individuals for their cynicism and narrow mindness. It took a few months, but I think you eventually realized what I was saw in Barack Obama on that day in Springfield, IL.

I’ve also had the opportunity to get some very hate filled, ignorant ass emails from some people. After awhile it became funny and served as a good indicator of how well the campaign was going. What has been most rewarding out of all of this is the numerous of positive emails and I believe an online friendship with some of you. I read your blogs practically everyday and gain inspiration from you. I don’t think I need to mention names, because I’ll forget someone but you know who you are.

Now we get to start a new campaign and talk about the details, the “What the Hell” and “Did you hear what he just said” again. Hopefully without the sarcasm or cluelessness of (let me say it one last time), Sarah Palin. OH I’M SO GLAD THAT SHE’S GOING BACK TO ALASKA. If I had to listen to her for another day. I digress.

I’m going to try to take at least a one day break from this blog, but everything I say that something happens. I’m ready to compare my “Fantasy White House: Obama Edition” to the actual selections. I’ll post that one very soon. May I suggest Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.

So feel free to comment and tell me how you feel about Barack Obama becoming President of the United States of America. That just sounds good.


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  1. To be honest, it wasn’t until I saw the reaction of people from around the globe that the magnitude of this decision hit me. Obama really is, in the words of Colin Powell, as “transformational figure,” and due to his character, his method, and the historical implications of his presidency, I think he truly will be the most influential person on Earth in four years’ time.

    It wasn’t last night that made history–it is what’s going to happen soon that will really change the world for the better.

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