Untitled Message to McCain Supporters

I know this is not diplomatic or gracious, but I just wanted to offer this one to all of the people who felt the need to comment with hatred. I would list them all, but hopefully they’ll find this one. The guy who made the Republican Song and all of the other right-wing nuts. I actually do not watch South Park, but thought this one was perfect for these people. This one is for you. Enjoy.

I know, I know, but I couldn’t resist. The original movie was no longer up, but Rachel Maddow had a clip of it. If you can’t view this, please click here.


3 thoughts on “Untitled Message to McCain Supporters

  1. I absolutely loved this episode!! I hadn’t watched South Park since they killed of Chef. This was definitely one to watch!!
    I was on the floor with the Arc scene.

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