Barack & Curtis: Examining Black Masculinity

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This may not speak to everyone who views this, but I hope you are honest with yourself. It’s all about who you allow yourself to be influenced by. My male influences span from my father to past and present business and political figures, but I like many people I know could have chosen a different route. My challenges as a Black man are the same either way as those who has had more or less advantages than myself.


2 thoughts on “Barack & Curtis: Examining Black Masculinity

  1. Where do you find these videos? It gave me something to think about. As usual though, I have one comment. Either I’m old or how I grew up is strange – but I don’t think so. Black ‘women’ in general are not attracted to black men in prison. How many letters and stories have you read about that state – black women need to loosen up and give men in prison a chance – since so many black men are unduly incarcerated. The women I know and grew up around would not be proud to have a thug as their partner. They tend to go for the ministers 🙂 or the ones with good jobs. 🙂

    Hip-hop today and the media has changed how a young black woman/teen sees herself. It even changed notions of how a black female should be treated by males. Both males and females now think that emulating the gangster on MTV, BET videos makes them cool and … manly/womanly looking. Most people have a very small understanding of the power of the media and how it can control.

    PS. I am going to add to the family pot to make sure that at least one of my nephews gets to the Presidential inauguration. Your blog is my reminder to put that check in the mail. I wish we could afford to send all my nephews…and nieces as well.

  2. The unfortunate thing is that there is a generation that grew up only knowing “the thug life” image with on one in their life to correct. I have never in my life been attracted to the “gangsta/thug” type. There is nothing appealing about it to me at all. Any man wearing his pants around his ass may as well keep walking. I went on a date with this guy who at time was at least 41 at the time. He came to my car with a baggy sweatsuit and Timberlands on. We were going on a dinner cruise. It was decided that I would drive that night and I didn’t mind. I drove the car about 20 feet and pulled back over–I told him he had to back and change. I was dressed, and there was no way he was going anywhere with me like that. Ten minutes later when he came back, he had on nice slacks, a sweat and a jacket (with shoes). I think he though it was one of those “ghetto” cruises. When we got on board he saw all the people around us, he thanked me because he didn’t realize there would “this type of people.” Interestingly enough, that was our last date–but not because of the clothes.

    A man like Barack Obama gives my hope that maybe there are other black men out there who are educated and still love the “sistas”–and I’m not even looking for a Harvard grad. 🙂

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