Secretary of State Clinton?

OK, I’m not too surprised with this announcement. I don’t want to say “I told you so”, but didn’t I already say that Hillary Clinton was going to be Secretary of State or at least on the short list back in August.

Blog Article – 08/16/08 ” Vice-President Final Wrap-Up

Personally, I think Hillary Clinton would make an excellent Secretary of State. If you remember back in June when Barack & Hillary had a private meeting at the home of Senator Diane Feinstein in California. I believe this option was discussed.

If you listened to Barack speak of Hillary during the campaign he always said that she was going to have a major part of his administration, so here we are. While most people were preoccupied with her being picked as Vice-President, I never thought she would be VP. She passed “The Secretary of State” test.

So why not?

Now she’s has some stiff competition for the job with names like Sen. John Kerry, Sen. Chuck Hagel and Gov. Bill Richardson, but this shows that Barack is serious. These are some political heavyweights regardless of where you are politically.

Will Hillary accept if offered? Who knows? If you have a list like that you can not go wrong. Now I can see other cabinet positions where John Kerry, Chuck Hagel and Bill Richardson could end up if Hillary does become Secretary of State, but I’ll save that for next week.

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4 thoughts on “Secretary of State Clinton?

  1. My fantasy choices would be Cynthia McKinney or Dennis Kucinich. My more realistic hope is Bill Richardson.

    Hillary Clinton is too war hungry to be a good Secretary of State.

  2. I seriously doubt Cynthia McKinney will be on the short list for Secretary of State. I think Dennis Kucinich is good, but would best serve in another cabinet position.

    Hillary Clinton isn’t my initial choice, but I had a strong feeling that she was on the very short-list of candidates for this job. It’s kind of a political thank you in a way, plus it would make some of her supporters happy. I think she would do an excellent job. The Bosnia thing would probably be a thorn in her side, because of the jokes. But she’ll be alright.

    I personally would like to see Bill Richardson selected for a few reasons. (1) He clearly has the experience for the job, (2) Just like Barack, he would symbolize real change in America, (3) His support was crucial and on-time, so it’s a political thank you, (4) It’s an excellent springboard for a 2016 run for the office.

    Either way they still have John Kerry, Tom Daschel in the running too.

  3. “Secretary of State Clinton?”

    No thanx. Qualified but ineffective.
    Muslims, many Asians, Russians and others have little if any respect for women. They’ll simply entertain her presence for diplomatic reasons and forget everything she said five mins later.
    Same treatment Rice has had.

    Aside from that, I think the country is fairly tired of the Clinton Drama.
    I know I am.

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