Turning Around a Losing Team

Craig Robinson, brother of Michelle Obama, brother-in-law of the president-elect and a first-year head basketball coach at Oregon State University. The former Princeton basketball star is trying to establish himself as the coach who will turn around a Division I program that has been dismal in recent years.

Friday, November 14th in Washington D.C. Howard University will play Oregon State. The Oregon State Beavers men’s basketball team didn’t win a single conference game. Their win-loss record in the tough Pac-10 Conference was 0 and 18.

To achieve his hoops goals, Robinson finds it necessary to separate his politically connected life from his coaching duties.

“I want these guys to know that they are my No. 1 focus,” Robinson says about his players. It’s not that he won’t talk about his famous sister and brother-in-law and the election, but he is not going to be the first to bring it up. “They can ask me any questions about it,” he says, “but I want them to be the ones to generate the conversation about that.”

I bet that first basketball game with Craig & Barack was something. I wonder who won. Anyhow, isn’t it ironic that now Craig Robinson and Barack Obama are now in the head coaches’ in-charge of turning around a losing team?

I think Craig is going to do an excellent job and look for Oregon State in the final four soon. I think Barack is going to do an excellent job and look for Team USA to get back on track too.

I love this game.

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