In The Purple Closet


Now there’s so much I can say about this, but I will let you chime in on this one.

It’s interesting to listen to a man speaking against homosexuality while wearing hills. If I have stepped out of my house ass out what do you think would happen?

Prince may not be gay, but come on dude… are you for real.

Seriously I actually like Prince and don’t want to criticize him, but am I the only person who would want to take a peak into his purple closet?

Mr. Nelson I enjoy listening to your music all these years and will continue, but you force me to go there. Should I even mention Graffiti Bridge or even Under the Cherry Moon.

Now you all can get mad at me, but I’m just saying…

Additional References:

New York Post – 11/17/08 “Prince Disses Gays, Then Asks To Borrow Outfits


4 thoughts on “In The Purple Closet

  1. Hey Tim,

    Oh, No you didn’t?! OMG! At least you are true to your word, Tim, that you call them the way you see ’em and no one is spared. You are at least honest enough to call “His Purple Highness” on his seeming hypocritical views/stance, yet personally employing the same borderline behaviors he scorn others for. Good post, Tim, but please don’t expect any free concert tickets or backstage passes from “His Purple Highness” any time soon.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you. Peace.


  2. Prince has always been bisexual as far as I know. I can’t be 100% because I didn’t see him myself or sleep with him but you know what I mean. I started turning away from Prince when he and Sinead O’Connor had that argument years ago. He supposedly slapped her and threw her outside of his house while it was snowing – with no shoes. Thats why she doesn’t sing that song of his anymore. (Nothing Compares to U). Anyway, when he did that it pissed me off. Just because you wear your a** out and lick your guitar like it’s a penis does not entitle you to physically assault a woman because you’re pissed off. He just got worse and worse. And now he’s a religious nut case. That just goes to show you that you can be a genius of sorts and still be crazy. Like I said, I haven’t bought anything of his since I found out he did a whip a** on a woman. I missed him a lot because he was my honey bunn. I think religion fried his already slightly tilted brain.

  3. Is that not the most unnatural kiss you have ever seen? Makes me want to wipe my mouth with the back of my hand.

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