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I heard this song on the radio this morning that brought me back to my childhood. While changing the radio station in the car I heard “Love Will Keep Us Together” by Captain and Tennille. My parents bought me this 45 (record) so I can have my very own record as a kid to play on our family record player. (Now that’s old school) I never knew the name of the song, but knew the melody when I heard it. So being a person that has always wanted and searched for a deeper understanding I decided to write about it. You have to forgive me, but just humor me this time or again.


If you take the time to retreat upon the chords of memory deposited into your life what is the melody you hear?

Do you hear the soothing or loving voice of your parents or the laughter from playing with your siblings? If you’re a preacher’s kid like me you heard the sounds of gospel and sermons and even the Psalms of David (ok that last one was just for my sister’s amusement) at some point.

Maybe you hear silence from being left alone, ignored, not taken serious, unloved or a lack of acceptance. Perhaps the melody you heard was the sounds of cursing and arguments.

When the chords of memory plays in your life regardless if you mute its melody or pump up the volume or which playlist you have it categorized; what will your remix sound like?

Long before we were old enough to think and properly use words, we thought in images. These images are loaded with emotion. We still associate images with an emotion. When I look at my son I smile, when I hear an old song I want to sing or dance, when I check my wallet I frown and when I witness discrimination I get mad. We all do this. From the first days of life we began storing memories of our emotional social experiences.

The burden we carry is our continual campaign to convince ourselves that we have to ability to either change the song and/or make it better. We can use samples from our influences and lace it over the beat of sound principle to make that melody if sour or sweet sounds like a hot remix.

If you’re tired of playing the same ole song that has haunted you all your life or even want to refresh the lyrics, check out your melody. What song is stuck in your head? If you don’t like what you’re hearing, remix it and make it your own.

In the end what will the soundtrack of your life be?

*Ya See. I’m not always serious. Maybe this video can help. Have a good day.*


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