Rewriting History

I can think of many things in my past that I would love to rewrite. Perhaps never buying a Hyundia as my first car back so long ago or studying a little harder in Geometry class while in high school or wishing I never met a specific ex-girlfriend back in the early 90’s.

If I could rewrite history I would go back to the beginning and strongly urged Adam to do what he was instructed to do.

Before their was a “Point of No Return” I would work to discourage slave traders of the immorality of damage to the world slavery has had and would have if you continue to profession.

If I could rewrite history I would take a journey to Montgomery, so I could witness a movement that helped change the narrow views of the oppressor and the oppressed and redefine equality in America.

If I could rewrite history I would have wanted to be in Washington D.C. at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on August 28, 1968 to listen publicly embrace the words of a dream.

If I could rewrite history I would have wanted to be in attendance at the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, AL in 1963 so I could have rushed the four little girls away before the bomb ignited.

If I could have rewritten history I would have locked the door of room 306 of the Lorraine Hotel in Memphis on April 4, 1968 or stood in front of Dr. King in my poor attempt to alter history for what I believe would have been for the better.

If I could rewrite history I would have tried to tell people about my thoughts, ideas and suggestions of coming together to end bigotry and hatred on the basis of differences.

But what would that have profit?

We will never know, because its history. You live today to make a better tomorrow.

You may have a totally different set of events you would like to rewrite, but what would it resolve? Seriously.

If you’re wise you learn from your mistakes and work not to repeat them. Our parents told us as children not to play with fire, but it didn’t ring true until we got burn.

Life is not a blog that you can go back and edit. Even if you have a blog you should be honest enough to not try to rewrite what you’ve written, let it stand and stand behind it.

Maybe someone should tell that to George W. Bush.  You can not rewrite your own legacy. You must stand accountable for your deeds regardless of your intentions.

Side Note:  OJ Simpson — Ignorance of the law doesn’t excuse you from the consequences of the law.

Mr. Bush, you do not have the ability change or stop time, nor is it a responsible thing to try to rewrite history. We learn from our failures and successes.

Mr. Bush, before you leave office in January I will comment about your legacy as President. I will include my suggestion of what you can do to soften its impact to the legacy you will leave as a person. My suggestion for you now is to quit sending memos and trying to alter the already tarnished world perception of your presidency. Just lay low.


3 thoughts on “Rewriting History

  1. Well, the upside to every tragedy is that we try to do the right thing afterwards. Let’s hope that the next four-to-eight years fix not only the damage done in the last eight, but fix those elements of discontent and hatred that we should have been working on all along.

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