Signing Off


WTH! Do you realize how much time I’ve invested into the radio show? How many days, weeks, months and years it’s gotten me through my day at work? And you’re canceling it.

You’re canceling News & Notes? I can name a few programs that can go, but I guess since theirs so few Black people who listen and appreciate public radio or at least the perception is there that I’m not too surprise. Last hired, first fired I guess.

Wait, Wait, What’s Next, “Wait Tell Me More”? I can’t even get the program on Nashville Public Radio Station, but listened to the program online since Tavis Smiley was the host.

National Public Radio has canceled News and Notes, its only African American themed news program. Farai Chideya, News and Notes’ excellent host, will certainly go on to bigger and better things and I wish her the best. The only other program with an African American host is “Wait Tell Me More”. For the people who do listen to public radio this is a crazy move. The show is the TJMS of public radio. (OK that one was really inside, but Google TJMS to learn more.)

Both News & Notes and Day to Day (the two wholly West Coast-based shows) will end production on March 20, 2009.

I suggest that if you’re a fan of NPR: News & Notes to begin to migrate to “NPR: Wait, Tell Me More”.