Biggest Liar of 2008

Now as you will soon see in an upcoming post I am absolutely no fan of Sean Hannity. The abundance of my dislike for this guy is only surpassed by my even greater dislike for Rush Limbaugh which is just below Karl Rove, Bill O’Reily, George W. Bush and so on.

I know that I will receive clandestine hate mail from his supporters and I personally don’t care. I hope you keep reading, because I got more for you. This is tame compared to what’s coming. So enjoy while you can, because I’m going to be your Best Friend very soon.

This GOP mouthpiece will continue to do the Republican party a great disservice if they do not speak out against his deceitful propaganda. This divisionist is nothing but a canker soar on the fat lip of lies spewed by what has become the media cousin of the Republican Party.

Obviously, I’m not a Republican, but I do respect the handful that understands what needs to be done in order to rebuild its image in the eyes of Americans that are not usually apart of their majority demographics. :O

Aright, you can hate me now.

Reference & Inspiration

Media Matters – 12/17/08 “Sean Hannity: Media Matters Misinformer of 2008

One thought on “Biggest Liar of 2008

  1. Sean Hannitary Napkin. Never has there been a more prolific liar, coward or journalistic fraud than he.

    Boyfriend of the Transvestite, Ann Coulter, Hannity has proven to be the perfect choice to relay the Right Wing indoctrination from BushCo and their media hose bag, Rupert Murdoch, to the intellectually and morally challenged amongst us.
    At the forefront of every disinformation campaign Karl Rove ever unleashed, The Hannitary Napkin has stood long and fast, bent at the waist and clutching ankle, for everything untrue, unAmerican , and most of all unGodly.

    A fine choice for BL 2008.

    Did every one know that Hannity was a lifetime member of both the Republican Party and NAMBLA?

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