Porn Industry Comes on Hard Times

Before I begin I’m asking you to not be mad at me for the title or what you’re about to read. I’m just having fun with this one. I’m happy to hear what you have to say about this one. J

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The safe word is “bailout”. Well that’s what they want you to believe. You know that the bailout fever has reached its climax when the porn industry is screaming “bailout”.

I guess this economic downturn is spanking everyone’s back pocket, including the porn industry. According to TMZ DVD sales has dropped 22%.

With all this economic misery and people losing all that money, sex is the farthest thing from their mind” according to Larry Flynt, Hustler Magazine.

They’re asking for a $5 Billion bailout from Congress. I guess they figured that since the American taxpayers has been getting *%$@ for the past 8 years it would hurt to try. Congress already bankrolled the ______s on Wall Street and the Financial Industry, the Auto Industry use to be their bottom girl and they got bailed out so why not porn.

I don’t think they’ll get the money, but either way Bush and that Dick Cheney have already been running a train on the American people for this long why not bailout the porn industry too, we’re already screwed.

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4 thoughts on “Porn Industry Comes on Hard Times

  1. Considering how much money the porn industry generates they might get a rescue if their “failure” caused a collapse of the economy. They will just have to ride it out like the rest of us.

  2. As hard (no pun intended) as I try, I just can’t accept that the economic crises has caused perverts to somehow become less perverted.

    If Flynt is serious, which I feel he’s not, he should ask that they close the internet. That’s where all his money went.


  3. Oh my goodness, Tim, cannot help but to visualize/imagine so much within the title of this post: “Porn Industry Comes on Hard Times”—as much as I’m trying to keep a straight face I cannot ’cause of the words “comes” and “hard”, but nevertheless another terrific post sir, exhibiting your wide range of coverage on any number of topics across a broad spectrum.

    Have a wonderful weekend sir.

  4. I just had to let you know how much I enjoyed your trist with word play in this post. I may not always see eye to eye with you on a lot of issues, but I open each post like an eagerly awaited gift and this one was a hoot. It is a sad and serious issue but I did enjoy the descriptive humor you used to drive it home. I’m still laughing…

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