One of our greatest challenges is to discover how to redefine our moral standing in the world. The diplomacy and political power gambled away by the failed policy, ideology and doctrine of the Bush Administration has indeed been one of the greatest contributors to our lack of moral and diplomatic credibility throughout the world.

But the story of America doesn’t end on January 20th with the departure of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, but continues. From the abandoned homes of New Orleans, the charred remains of homes in California, foreclosures and distressed homeowners, the American people has been confined to eight years of voicelessness and powerlessness. The problem can not be directed to a single person, but an ideology adopted and marketed to a people like a gospel. The purveyors of this gospel diligently worked and believed that the work they do is for the good and safety for all.

This ban of patronizing patriots has successfully transformed a democracy into a doctrine.

What do you mean Charlie?

THE BUSH DOCTRINE! The misconception that you have the right to prevent aggressive attacks by aggressively attacking is as backwards as the people who conceived it. Yes, you have the right to defend yourself when attacked, but diplomacy is the doctrine civilized countries have used to prevent attacks or perceived aggressive activities that threaten national security. The best policy of preventive war is to prevent war.

Please let me be the first to say that I hope you, that Dick Cheney, Karl Rove and the rest of your ideologist pay for the havoc you’ve caused on millions of lives with you soul.

It’s no secret that I’m no fan of yours and hold great contempt for the ideology you’ve inflicted upon the world in terms of your deeds and of your policies. So it should be no surprise of what I have to say to you.

The following people know what they can do for me:

  • George W. Bush — You were a disaster, you boast about keeping us safe, but failed to adhere to the intelligence reports given before 9/11/01, but not only that. You have taken a surplus and sqwandered it. You’ve been completely ineffective in almost everything you’ve done. But the kicker was your response to Hurricane Katrina. I hope you will find a way to redeem yourself. (To anyone who wants to redirect blame onto the Democrats, please save it. They are at fought too, but I’m speaking to the Bush Administration.)
  • Dick Cheney — You’re actually worse than George. I can not describe the insurmountable level of damage you’ve casually inflicted on democracy with your Heatmizer-like exsistance. I can’t say what I really think of you without the urge to use the most offensive profanity I can think of. JUST GET THE HELL OUT AND TAKE YOUR ASS BACK TO MONTANA OR WYOMING IF THEY’LL HAVE YOU. (Sorry, but I REALLY don’t like him.)
  • Karl Rove — I wish upon you the same fate that has visited OJ Simpson. In fact I hope you’re placed in the same cell with him. You Mr. Rove are a worthless piece of “crap” that I was only saved by the priceless expression on your face when it was announced that Barack Obama won Ohio. I almost split my pants laughing at you. (You know what anyone who still wants to attack me for my comments about your hero Karl Rove can make it on this list too.)
  • Although you’re already gone Donald Rumsfeld I didn’t want to forget you, so here’s to you. &^%$*/?=

I would like to add these for good measure. Yes I know I shouldn’t hate, so I will say that I strongly dislike the following for their contributions:

  • Bill O’Reily, please for the peace sakes shut up.
  • Rush Limbaugh, (sigh) just go the Hell.
  • Sean Hannity, God knows the pleasure I will have when your sideshow is canceled.
  • FOX Noise and the rest of the extremist who adopted, promoted and supported the failure that is the Presidency of George W. Bush, I bid you all farewell. Please take your parting gifts and go. I don’t care where you go, but you can’t stay here.

The forces of power called the American people demanding change this past year and the disingenuous outrage of the followers dedicated to the preserving of the status quo proved weak compared to the roar for change. I wish you President Barack Obama and Vice-President Joseph Biden the best, because the last administration left a big piping hot pile of decomposing crap at your doorstep. Any improvements are welcomed.

Ten (10) More Days, lets start the count down to the day I can say these words, “Mr. Bush – I say this for millions of people in American and around the world. DUCK! because here comes hundreds of millions of shoes of all sizes coming for you. JUST GO!

(Gigantic Exhale) And the church said…

*If you reading this have any item or person to add to this list, please feel free to do so in your comments. If you’re offended by this all I have to offer is the same sympathy this administration offered the people on the rooftops or floating in the water in New Orleans.*

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PS: I know you don’t care who I am or what I say, but I had to say it. You know what, where’s my shoe?

5 thoughts on “JUST GO!

  1. They keep changing things, too. Looking at his end of term crap is almost as scary as the Patriot Act, which I hope burns in a special place reserved for things just of that nature.

  2. There will be no greater feeling of relief, no more blessed a day, than the day that brood of vermin is finally out of the White House.
    Of course, much like sinister software, they will leave behind lots of little bugs here and there that must be identified and plucked out of our poisoned machine.

    Still NeoCons in high places and they must be identified and exterminated like the miserable little viri that they are.
    (I don’t really mean that in a violent way, but if someone wants to load them all on a bus and drive them over a cliff, I can dig it.)

    Bush appointees infest everything from TVA to our school systems to the CIA. Each and every one of them must go. Not even one should remain to sweep the floor.

    It will be nice to see Bush go. If he actually does….

    1. Thanks Al. I hope I didn’t offend anyone other than the people named here. This is just my parting gift to George W. Bush and Friends for the unwanted gift they gave us.

  3. I can see your desire for the winds of change that are blowing. I think we must always remember that while we, or you, might whole heartedly disagree with their message, it is part of the same freedom that you enjoy on this blog. The right and the left have some pretty far out characters batting for them, but I enjoy hearing all of their ideas, nomatter how far fetched they might be. It really helps me attempt to see more than what I would if they weren’t so radical. Crazy, left or right, helps to reveal what might be sane.

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