Beyond Belief

Although I am secure in my belief system I want to ask a few simple questions regarding Faith or Belief System.

First, I want it clearly understood that I am not questioning my faith or yours if any. If you have read this blog for a period of time you will clearly see my stance of Faith. I’m open-minded enough to listen and respect your position regardless if I agree or disagree with it. I am not here and will not allow anyone to disrespect any one person’s beliefs.

My only conditions  if you choose to respond are listed below.

  • Only direct the questions at yourself.
  • Do not direct your response towards any specific group or individuals.
  • Don’t ask me any questions.
  • Be respectful in your comments.
  • Try to be descriptive in your response, but don’t write a book.
  • Be honest and sincere.

For those who are disrespectful or directs a question or response at a group or individual in their comments will have their comments deleted. I will try to read your response, but will not offer a reply.

  1. Do you believe or have proof of the existence of God? If so, please explain.
  2. Do you believe or have proof of the existence of Satan? If so, please explain.
  3. In your opinion has “The Church” lost its way (purpose or objective)?
  4. What is gain by your belief or disbelief?
  5. Do you respect others beliefs and/or religion that are not of your own?

3 thoughts on “Beyond Belief

  1. 1. No, I don’t have proof of God’s existence. When I look at the world I see a bunch of processes biological, chemical, and behavioral that manage to make the world function as it does. I see action/reaction causal sequences and, if none appear to be visible, I have confidence that there will be a non-spiritual explanation for it.

    2. No

    3. The English philosopher Thomas Hobbes wrote that in the ancient times, people used the presence of deities to explain what would happen in the future given a specific behavior — war, love, narcissism, etc. Then he said that modern humans turn the other way and look to God to explain how everything came to be as it is now. To me, the Church seems to provide a sort of forum for people to collectively find out where they came from and how they are intended to behave. I think that as Americans lead more unstructured lives, made easier by technology, they will still look to the church for rigid guidance.

    4. I gain the knowledge that I am in control of my destiny. I am not empowered by any Supreme Being, and I don’t see any set path in life. Personally, religion seems anti-human to me by assuming that there are some things that are outside the realm of human or natural control. But I like to be in control. 🙂

    5. I respect people’s religious beliefs only if they are able to make arguments that support underlying principles without using a holy book as justification.

  2. Yes, I do believe in the existence of God. For me, he is the small voice from within that leads me thru my day with an honest, heartfelt desire to do good things; no matter hoe difficult. 2. Satan, too, is a very real presence for me. I see him as a constant presence of negative, attempting to lure me from good deeds or actions. 3.A HUGE YES!! When Sunday morning became .ore of a fashon show than an opportunity to refresh the spirit, it took the first steps down the paved road toward hell. Amazing fact to me is that more judgement occurs in the heart of the church than inside the courtroom. 4. The ability to answer questions reguarding who I am and who I want to become and what I can give to others along the way. 5. I am always interested in other’s views and beliefs. It is, in my opinion, the best way to highten my own beliefs. When people become disrespectful, I do shut down to hearing any opinion they want to spew in hate and judgement.

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