Is That All You Have To Say?

Allow me to share a few of my final thoughts, ideas and suggestions for you on your journey Mr. President regarding the past eight years.

As many of you held your breath yesterday as a commercial airliner landed in the Hudson River in NYC I had to think of the last plane crash that many did not survive. I don’t need to address it any further than I and many of you already have.

The irony and tragedy of it all is that you just haven’t or simply refuse to connect the dots from what we can soon say was an unspoken American plane crash we call, the Presidency of George W. Bush.

Personally, I think you really tried to do what you believed was right, but often failed to realize the affects your decisions will have with everyday Americans. People who may not of had a parent that could shield them from many of the unpretty realities of the world. It’s almost like the rich kid driving his father’s Porsche.

Perhaps that’s why you believe your response to Hurricane Katrina was admirable. I agree that the lost of one life is too many, but that never stopped your decision to send hundreds of thousands of troops into a war that we should have been fighting without proper or even sufficient information.

I have resigned myself from getting irritated with you any further. What difference will it make, because he’s never going to get it. I rarely give up, but this is one that I Give Up.

Thank you Mr. President. GOOD-BYE. Please take Dick Cheney with you.


4 thoughts on “Is That All You Have To Say?

  1. The one thing I did like regarding his speech was knowing it was his LAST! I cannot wrap my mind around the fact that so much he refuses to look at and definitely takes no responsibility.

    I’ll never forget how shocked I was when their “enchanced interrogation techniques” were described. Torture is torture…no matter what fancy words you try and wrap it up in. According to their OWN description…John McCain was never “tortured” by the North Vietnamese…they were just employing “enhanced interrogation techniques”.

    Tim…I second your motion for him to take Cheney with him. I just wish there were a way to send Sarah Palin along as well.


  2. I too believe that President bush believed what he was doing was best even if it was, at times, less than what we, the people, deserved. Life is an experience in becoming. I believe we learn from every experience about who we want to be or who we want to be far from becoming. I hope all future presidents, including Obama, learn from the good and bad that has become the Bush legacy. It certainly seems that you have.

  3. Bush is such a liar, even in his departing speech because he didn’t believe anything he said. (that’s what I think) But he does believe in his right to say them. I remember when he first came into office and how he bragged that he was a WAR President. True to his comment, he was. Mission accomplished.

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