3 Racists Upset Over Obama Presidency, Burns Down Church

It took two five-gallon containers of gasoline and anger over the election of the nation’s first black president to burn down a predominantly black church in Sixteen Acres in November, investigators say.

Three men, one of whom investigators said told them he “was angry that the country was going to have an African-American president and that ‘blacks and Puerto Ricans’ would now have more rights than whites.”

On November 5th, only hours after President Barack Obama won the election this idiot walked through the woods to the Macedonia Church of God in Christ in Springfield, MA and poured gasoline inside and outside the new church building and set it ablaze.

The Macedonia Church of God in Christ was destroyed just hours after the election of President Barack Obama. Five firefighters, two of whom required hospital treatment, were injured battling the blaze.

According to The Republican Newspaper, these idiots, I mean perpetrators arrested were:

  • Benjamin F. Haskell (22) – 34 Brookside Circle, Springfield, MA 01129 
  • Michael F. Jacques (24) – 88 Brookside Circle, Springfield, MA 01129 
  • Thomas A. Gleason Jr. (21) – 315 Tinkham Road, Springfield, MA 01129

These gentlemen were charged with knowingly conspiring to “injure, oppress, threaten, and intimidate parishioners” of Macedonia Church of God in Christ. The charge carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in federal prison. The three are due to appear before U.S. Magistrate Kenneth P. Neiman Wednesday.

The FBI affidavit states: “When Haskell dropped Witness A at his residence, Haskell turned to Witness A and stated, ‘We did it.’ Witness A subsequently told investigators that when he asked Haskell why they had burned the church, Haskell responded, ‘Because it was a black church.'”

Side-Note: I’m trying not to say anything yet, but it’s getting difficult. I wondered who they voted for. But I guess these are the “fringe people” John McCain was referencing. But I will defend the Republican Party this time, because it’s not necessarily their intentions to attract these people, but you must ask the question, “Why are we attracting these people?” This is not what the Republican or Democrat Party is about anymore.

Bishop Bryant Robinson Jr., pastor of Macedonia Church, was among clergy members Monday who praised the work of the team of local, state and federal investigators.

“This practice of racism undermines the full potential of our country,” Robinson said. “It wants to deny the contributions of the best of all our people. It’s irrational.”

Robinson said it is reassuring that the task force has “produced results,” particularly as the church prepares to rebuild.

Rabbi Jerome S. Gurland, of Western New England College, who played a lead role in organizing community support for the church, said it was clearly a racial crime.

Ya see this is exactly what I’m talking about. This is what “the church” is supposed to do regardless of your beliefs or denomination. The true measure of a church is how they stand in time of crisis or when their brother needs them.

More than that, we now have evidence from the community response that this is not acceptable, and that authorities will go to any length to uncover perpetrators of this kind of act.” -Rabbi Jerome S. Gurland,

The Rev. Georgeanne Greene, of the Unitarian Universalist Society of Greater Springfield, said the arrests “allow us to face head-on the level of racism in our country,” to bring it into the open.

In some ways, it’s a relief to know our worst fears were confirmed,” Greene said. “It validates how important it was to come together as a people.”

All I have to say to these guys is Change Has Come To America. J

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3 thoughts on “3 Racists Upset Over Obama Presidency, Burns Down Church

  1. Ah, Republican terrorism strikes again. Yes, I said Republican, because that is the mentality of the Bush era Republican. The Republican party of Lincoln and Grant no longer exists. Those are young neocons. No different than Jim Adkisson or Eric Rudolph.
    The only reason I don’t believe they voted for McLoser is because they’re probably too stupid to work the machine. Or the pencil.
    Sad. Those three shitbirds are going down hard and they’re too stupid to realize it.

    This is a heavy price to pay to bring the vermin out of the woodwork, but if that’s what it takes to lock them all up…..

    We’ve had numerous terrorist attacks in America since 9/11. Just not from Radical Islam.

    One from my archives:

    Pray for our leader’s safety and the demise of the radical Right. This will get worse before it gets better.

  2. Greetings Tim,

    Thanks for sharing this story. My mouth simply dropped and the shock is beginning to wear off that even in this day and times there are still individuals amongst us, who not only feel this way, but could act with such contemptous boldness, full of ignorance and hate. We are a nation of laws people, one may voice their concerns without destroying property or hurting others.

    Let’s hope the future holds more promise for better relations between the family of man, Tim. Be safe and have a blessed weekend sir.

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