We Can Not Walk Alone

I’ve purposely kept quiet regarding my thoughts of seeing Barack Obama becoming President last week so that I could digest it and get a true understanding of what it represents. I’ve listened to several people on radio, watching people on television and read many of the emails and comments online. Many were positive, but they are a few who did not or can not comprehend it, but I couldn’t concern myself with their unbelief at this time.

Many people mistakenly contributed this presidency to the realization of Dr. Martin Luther King’s “dream”, without understand what the “dream” was about. The multi-facets of what is contributed as a dream can not be realized in a single person becoming President. The scope of the overall composition of “the dream” is greater than one can comprehend and often deemed impossible or reduced to a “dream”, imagined by a utopian dreamer. Dr. King was more than a dreamer and the journey to Presidency is only a facet, one tool that helps built the beloved community.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009 was not just the ending of an era of growing pessimism of our future and opportunities, but the beginning of a renewed spirit, passion and optimism. It’s not going to be easy and one person can not do it all nor should he.

The burden of this presidency is going to be the continual campaign of the pessimist and the lazy. It’s the person who works to persuade you that you can’t or shouldn’t and instructs you to be fearful, wait and see mentality.

One of the most difficult burdens of this presidency will not be what his predecessor left him to deal with, but to convince people that we have the power to change. It doesn’t have to be like this and that we can rise beyond our present circumstances. We are greater than our individual ambitions, factions, heritage and status. If we are ever to move beyond this mountain we can not walk alone.

We must seek our mutual interest if we are to move ahead. The bickering of how to implement our ideas and point fingers at who will get credit for the good aspects of them is the problem. We can not walk alone on this journey to correct what was messed up.

I will not be able to persuade the cynics, devotees of the status-quo and those who will never open their mind or heart to possibilities. I will not always agree with the decisions made by President Obama, but that’s where compromise comes into play. We must find the best of our ideas to create the solutions we desire.

So in the interest of time I will reserve the remainder of my thoughts for further exploration and examination for another day. All I can do is wish President Obama, Vice President Biden and the rest of the administration the best and pledge to support his efforts in making the world better than how it was received.


3 thoughts on “We Can Not Walk Alone

  1. Another excellent post, Tim! Yes, have to agree that Dr. King’s dream encompasses a great deal more than one particular position/job; however, since it’s a high-profile position, it’s certainly a good start to demonstrate that effort is all that is needed to achieve even the most seemingly unattainable dreams.

    Good posting, positive and uplifting, inspiring all of us to focus on building a better future together.

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