Now Everybody Want a Black man

What a way to begin Black History Month, but with a Black man in charge. I’m not necessarily talking about President Barack Obama, but Chairman Michael Steele. He’s the first Black Chairman of the Republican Party.

Very Superstitious

Well let me be the first person to tell the GOP that all is forgiven. I guess this solves all of the issues with race relations all at once. We should do this for everything, put a minority at the head of whatever it is and all will be solved. Hooray, Racism is Over. Now I can sing Ebony & Ivory.

Although I’m not surprised with this development I would like to congratulate Former Lt. Governor Michael Steele (R-MD) on his new position of Chairman of the Republican National Committee. He really is a good guy and I’m a Democrat. Mr. Steele has a very difficult job ahead of him. I’m sure I’ll find myself defending him more often than criticizing him for what’s about to come his way.

By-The-Way, how many Black people are in the top ranks of the GOP anyway?

Alright, alright, let me say this before some people get their undies all in a bunch. I want to reemphasis one more time and make it perfectly clear enough that all will understand. I actually like Michael Steele. He’s really is a good guy and believe he will do the GOP some good. When referencing Mr. Steele on this blog I have always spoken highly of him.

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RNC Chairman Steele and President Obama do have a few things in common besides race. They’re both faced with cleaning up after Republicans. 🙂

One of the hardest things Chairman Steele will have to contend with is not disapproving or suspicious Negroes. He clearly understands the mountain he’s now task with moving. I don’t question him or his abilities. I honestly wish him well.

Being Black in America
What I believe some White Republicans do not understand is what it means to be Black in America. Michael Steele is an excellent example. The first things I and many of you heard when the RNC named Michael Steele as chairman was that he’s Black. This proves my point made several times in the past. To be Black means that whenever you enter a room, position or situation that you are the only person of color, the entire race enters with you.

At least it will be easy to identify the Republican Chairman when you walk into a room full of Republicans now. 

With all of the Black men getting high profile positions I think Tennessee has a Governor’s race coming up. Well let me see if my man Harold Ford, Jr. plans on running. I guess being a Black guy is in style now. Or maybe nothing has changed, because it seems like when things really get bad you get someone Black to clean it up.
Black Chairman
I wonder if Rep. Lynn Westmoreland of Georgia and Rep. Geoff Davis of Kentucky will call their new chairman Boy or Uppity like they did President Obama.

You know what I find interesting about all of this is when you think back to the presidential primaries. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton locked in a battle royal. Hillary, a Democrat made great strides and going the furthest than any woman ever had to the White House. She didn’t make it, so John McCain picked Sarah Palin. We got women too.

Wait-a-minute didn’t Rush Limbaugh say that Sarah Palin was the leader of the party.

Man! I wonder what Rush is going to say about Chairman Steele.

Who’s Next
Barack Obama becomes President, so the GOP selects Michael Steele to lead the Republican Party. Interesting. I guess now we just need to have one of the Log Cabin Republicans get something and a Latino Republican to get something then we’re even Steven. 

OK, OK, save your comments, I’m just playing. It’s just a thought, well an idea, but I’m not suggesting anything.

Congrats to Chairman Steele. I wish you the best.

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2 thoughts on “Now Everybody Want a Black man

  1. Hi Tim,

    Interesting post sir. Appreciate your kind and fair assessment of Chairman Steele. Have a wonderful Sunday, and week ahead.

  2. I think the Republicans think they are playing chess and have made a very smart move. There is no way they can change from mean spirted, bile spewing, primarily racists and sexist – to people who have chosen a black man due to his obvious capabilities. Oh. No. They have chosen a black man because they think we will all coo at how lovely they are and begin to blindly follow their agendas. I seriously doubt that black man will have the power to make changes in people who have had centuries to become reptilian. I see Michael Steele as window dressing – until it is proven otherwise.

    *waves at Tim*

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