Michael Phelps*

What I’m watching in regards of how the International Olympic Committee and the media handles the recent admission by Michael Phelps of smoking weed is to see if they will be consistent. I can think of a few other athletes that are probably paying attention too. Does anyone have Marian Jones, Barry Bonds, Jason Giambi or Tim Montgomery’s phone numbers?

I wonder if the IOC will ask Michael Phelps to give his medals back. Why don’t we ask Bob Weiner, the former White House Drug Spokesman during the 2nd Clinton Administration that said that Marian Jones should return her medals?

What’s the difference between an athlete using steroids or smoking weed? Either way it’s an illegal drug that they shouldn’t be using.

I’m sure Michael Phelps will be forgiven and this will be overlooked. Since steroids is worse than marijuana.

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5 thoughts on “Michael Phelps*

  1. Interesting post, Tim. I believe Mr. Phelps should be able to retain his gold medals; however, I wouldn’t be too surprised if some of the potential sponsorships/commercials may not be forthcoming given the sensitive nature of his admissions, which I respect him for owning up to. Have a great week ahead, Tim–appreciate the shout-out too–high-fives!!!

    1. 🙂 I appreciate them all. My grip is aimed at the media and International Olympic Committee. I didn’t like how they treated Marian Jones. I’m just curious to see if they will do the same for Phelps.

      I got your back.

  2. next thing you know, Phelps will be trading in his medals to score something even more hardcore than weed — like a pack of Marlboros!

  3. In this situation, Phelps didn’t use drug enhancements to win, so I don’t think they will ask him to return his metals. But he may have to pay with the loss of some cash from his endorsement deals. I guess whoever took the photo and sold it to the tabloid wasn’t really a “friend.”

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