The Old Man That Cried Wolf

I am no fan of the Former Vice-President Dick Cheney, but I wish this dude would just shut-up and stop trying to keep scaring with your tired and wrong analysis. I think Keith Olbermann frames my frustration best with Dick Cheney.

I apologize to anyone who may get upset with my comments, but you have to forgive me. Mr. Dick Cheney I ask you to PLEASE JUST SHUT THE HELL UP AND GO BACK TO YOUR DUNGEON. I SWEAR I wish you would just GO AWAY. PLEASE!

References & Inspirations:

Politico – 02/04/09 “Cheney Warns of New Attacks

2 thoughts on “The Old Man That Cried Wolf

  1. I can’t wait ’til that clown’s pacemaker blows a gasket. Then he can be piled up on the same slab of brimstone that all traitors occupy from Judas Iscariot right up to Big Dick.

    I just hope we see a war crimes and treason trial first.

    There is no more vile an entity in the history of American politics.

    1. When or if Dick Cheney, Karl Rove and Donal Rumsfeld are convicted I would probably have to cry. Not out of sadness, but out of complete joy. I CAN’T STAND THESE DUDES. I want them to go to some maximum security prison too and be put into general population. OH What a day that would be.

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