A Steele Goose Egg

Perhaps someone can explain this one to me, because like George Stephanopolos I too am stumped by the answer given by the RNC Chairman Michael Steele when he was asked about the President’s Stimulus Plan.

Michael Steele: This stimulus is not going to create jobs. What this administration is talking about is making work. It is creating work.

George Stephanopolos: That’s a job.

Michael Steele: No, it’s not a job. A job is something that a business owner creates. It’s going to be long term.

George Stephanopolos: So a job doesn’t count if it’s a government job?

Michael Steele: That is a contract. It ends at a certain point, George. You know that. These road projects that we’re talking about have an end point.

My Response:

Perahps Gov. Charlie Crist (R-FL) may be able to help Mr. Steele answer this one.

Well I thank you for confirming that the Obama Administration’s efforts are towards putting people back to work. It may not be a valued or preferred career move for you, but I don’t see the problem in people going back to work. I personally know people who have been out of a job for several months going on a year. They are just like millions of other Americans who want to work, but can not find work. Those who are fortunate enough to find a part-time job still are faced with the financial burdens of supporting a family.

Perhaps you may have money to waste or at least according to your 2006 Senate Finance Campaign Chairman Alan B. Fabian, but many of us do not have $37,262 is campaign funds to a failed company ran by a sibling for services never rendered. Nor do many of us have $75,000 to law firms for services never rendered. Nor do many of us have the testicular fortitude to transfer $500,000 in campaign funds electronically between banks without authorization.

Chairman Steele I honestly will take your word for it because I see more important things to deal with than some inner-party dispute. <<SEE VIDEO>>

Maybe that’s the life of a conservative shot caller, Republican big baler like yourself, but if you don’t have a job and have mouths to feed and bills to pay with no job leads in sight a public works job is welcomed news.

When you think about it, what job is permanent? Regardless if it’s a job in your chosen profession or not, one day it will end. I’m sure I can find someone at Bear-Sterns to testify to that or many others who find themselves unexpectedly unemployed. These are private-sector jobs too.

So what are you talking about man? I know you’re just leading the charge to gain whatever ground you can, but the grounds of your argument is a bit shaky on this one. I would love to hear you and those that may agree with you make that argument to someone who is out of work and can’t find a job.

I was fortunate enough to find another job within 2 weeks, but there are many people with far more education and experience than me who are not as fortunate as I was. This is not the time, place or argument for the continuation of partisan politics. If only 3 members of your party understand that then you have a lot of WORK to do in your new JOB.

Like I said previously, I personally think you’re a good guy Chairman Steele. I disagree with some of your political ideology, but I believe you would understand exactly what I’m saying in my criticism. You couldn’t have been gone for that long.


3 thoughts on “A Steele Goose Egg

  1. Interesting post, Tim! You made some valid points, and Mr. Steele may need to be careful not to alienate potential support with making broad generalizations. Have a great week sir.

  2. LOL!!!!

    That reminded me of “Who’s on first, what’s on second and I don’t know’s on third”.

    “Let’s not get our jobs confused with our work”.

    Wow. He really is qualified to be RNC Chairman.

  3. Well, let me attempt to give an explination you might be able to follow. I’ll give an attempt, atleast. When you create these jobs, they are a shoet term solution to a long term issue. Yes, people will work that are not working or might not be working now, BUT… It is a short term job. If that same money were given as tax breaks to small businesses, those businesses could thrive and grow and employ more people for long term employment; i.e. JOBS. These jobs wouldn’t be limited in time, only in preformance by the individual (just like my job and I assume yours). If you are gonna spend the money, look long term to create long term job solutions to create long term solutions instead of tossing money to short term ideas to create short term work. While I will agree, some work is better than nothing, it is not a solution for people to improve their long term living situations and therefore, you set yourself up for failure in the future. Build businesses and you create JOBS, throw money to frisbee golf courses and other fluff and you create short term work. Just look to the recession of the 80’s. The example would speak volumes if only there were anyone to listen.

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