Humble Yourself

A few days ago I almost publish this post, but decided to wait and see how this one played out, because I had a feeling that someone was going to happen in regards to Henrietta Hughes.

Tuesday, President Obama was having a Town Hall Meeting in Ft. Myers, Florida in efforts to discuss the Stimulus Package with everyday people. A woman by the name of Henrietta Hughes was asked The President for help with an urgent issue. She told The President that she was homeless for more than a year and now was living in a pickup truck as she broke down in front of thousands.

After President Obama hugged and kissed her his told her that a member of his staff would help. Apparently they kept their word, because the next day she was offered a home by Mrs. Chene Thompson, the wife of State Representative Nick Thompson (R-FL).

I don’t know what the inner dealings that made this happen, but does it really matter. It’s good to see what happens when people are willing to step beyond themselves and their own political interests to offer their own rescue package to who they can help. It didn’t matter if Ms. Hughes was a Republican or Democrat she was a citizen in urgent need. Ms. Hughes wasn’t able to vote November 4th, because she didn’t have an address. So regardless of her party affiliation she asked this Democrat for his help and the wife of a Republican was able to assist.

Ms. Hughes told a reporter that she wanted to talk to the president to tell him about their problems. That was my desire; I said I just pray to the Lord.

Now as I read all of the divisive comments from supporters on both sides pointing the finger of blame at each other I simply have to give you both “the hand”. While you’re bickering over whose at fault we continue to see people every single day loosing their home, losing their job and forced to make the same difficult decisions like Ms. Hughes was forced to make. She still had the courage to stand before thousands and ask for help.

Would your foolish pride allow you to do the same?

When your back is against the wall and you have no strings in those boots and the straps are falling off it doesn’t matter where the help comes from a Democrat or Republican or if the person is Black, Hispanic, Asian or White, male or female. Humble yourself. We all have the opportunity to help. This is what is meant by open your clinched fist.

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12 thoughts on “Humble Yourself

  1. Standing ovation, Tim!!! Well-said, especially where you pointed out the main focus should be on the issue (in this case Mrs. Hughes’) and not upon partisan politics and the respective spin each side may wish to craft around the core issue. Have a safe and happy extended weekend sir.

    1. I still say we should run for office. I already have a name in Washington, although it’s for another Tim Valentine. There was a former Republican U.S. Congressman from Florida named Tim Valentine who I use to get mistaken phone calls for interviews and my opinion on FL specific issues. I eventually had to change my phone number. The odd thing was that I didn’t live in Florida.

  2. It’s great that the lady got some help.

    However, coming from a Republican she’ll probably get a letter from the bank telling her about the 20’000 balloon payment. Or a foreclosure notice.
    Right Wing generosity normally comes with ulterior motivation. We’ll review this “act of kindness” in the near future to see how it endures.

    Other than that, bravo.

  3. I’ll challenge you to research Mrs. Hughes. I hope you’ll accept the challenge. It will give a distict difference between a hand out and a hand up. If you’ll search, you will discover that Mrs. Hughes surfaced in the election season of 2004 crying out for help because her son couldn’t find a job in New York. Somehow, she got from New York to a very expensive area of Florida to again beg for help. Sounds strange to me. Maybe instead of giving her material things for her and her grown family, someone should show them job skills to work and maintain a lifestyle. I’m all for that. Oh, and in response to one of the comments left before mine, would it be such a bad thing for Mrs. Hughes to get a job and pay for the roof over her own head? A hand up would be showing her how to earn her own way, a hand out will be looking for her at the next presidential forum crying with her hand out.

    1. I give up on you.

      When I honestly try to be positive and show that there are well meaning Republicans as well as Democrats there’s always someone who must prove the opposite. The last paragraph on this post was sincere, but all I hear from just one side is hate. Why?

      I could have said many things and be partisan, but I didn’t see how that would resolve anything.

      I congratulate you for submitting the first divisive comment and proving that we, the people who got the meaning in the message, have more work to do.

      Now while you and those that may agree with you are bickering over whose at fault I will continue to point out the people we see everyday loosing their home, losing their job and forced to make the same difficult decisions like Ms. Hughes was forced to make. Regardless of the level of validity you or others place on her or any other persons situation I ask what can you do to help?

      George W. Bush tagged a phrase called Compassionate Conservatism. I believe there are some conservatives that are compassionate towards others, even if they do not subscribe to their ideology.

      So I will repeat the statement again. When your back is against the wall and you have no strings in those boots and the straps are falling off it doesn’t matter where the help comes from a Democrat or Republican or if the person is Black, Hispanic, Asian or White, male or female. Humble yourself. We all have the opportunity to help. This is what is meant by open your clinched fist. The clinched fist is a closed mind or an aversion to seeing beyond yourself.

      You have the right to disagree or to your opinion regardless if I and others may disagree with you. One thing that I’ve learned with this blog is that everyone will not agree with me. I have not always agreed with all of the views the other individuals commenting have expressed, but we have mutual respect for each others views. After reading all of the comments you’ve made it has become obvious that it doesn’t matter what I say, how positive the message or bipartisan my efforts are, you tend to find some area to disagree.

      This is why I say, I give up on you. I do appreciate you reading this blog and perhaps you may find something to comment on that you will find agreement upon. But as for me I will always lend you my sincere consideration in approving your comments, but I feel that there’s nothing else I can say. The more I participate in foolish discussions the more I become a fool and I’ve been one for far too long.

      I open the comments on either to anyone willing to contribute.

  4. Heh,

    Well, Stephanie…

    First of all, Got Link?
    I mean, why should we research your claim? If you believe that Mrs. Hughes is a political plant (that’s the impression I get from your words), then perhaps you can show us the research you’ve done which led you to that conclusion. Or any citation from a credible source for that matter.

    As for Mrs. Hughes having a job or needing to get one or whatever, did anyone tell you that we’ve lost over 3.6 Million jobs, due to Republican incompetence, in the last 13 months?
    Are you offering her a job? Were you aware that she draws a meager disability check of 800.00 a month? Think her disability may have had an impact on her efforts to seek employment? Do you think if she got a job it would pay her more than 800 a month?

    Do you have a job, Stephanie?

    Now let’s suppose, just for shits and giggles, that Mrs. Hughes is the “Joe the Plumber” of the Left.
    Why does the Right get to have one and not us?
    You see, Joe the Plumber was supposed to be the personification of the “working man”. That was the reason McCockroach brought him out during the campaign. To appeal to the “working class”. This would have worked except for the fact that Republicans know nothing about “working people”. That’s why Joe the plumber was a flop. He was proven a fraud.

    Now if Mrs. Hughes is the personification of the homeless and their plight, do you feel that there’s something wrong with that illustration? If so, surely you will condemn Joe the Plumber too, won’t you?
    At least Mrs. Hughes was actually homeless.

    To round this off before it get’s too long, it seems to me that since the Republican Party is attempting (ultimately in vain) to “darken” it’s image, so to speak, by adding Mr. Steele to their roster, that if this is a publicity stunt it’s intended to benefit Republicans.
    Those who “gave” so freely (as far as we know) in this case are Republicans.
    So who do you think has deployed Mrs. Hughes? Obama or the RNC?
    Who are the ones trying to appear generous to minorities here? A Black Democrat who’s already POTUS? Doubt it. A Democratic party that has the African American, poor, and working white vote locked up? Nope.

    I know it sounds simple when you listen to simpletons like Limbaugh, Hannity, Malkin etc. But the fact is these situations are often far more complex than they appear. I surmise that such is the case here.


  5. As I have already stated, via email, to Mr. Valentine, this for me wasn’t an attack on dems or republicans. Mr. Obama did the right thing in giving this lady a card with the housing authority number on it. It was a republican(or the spouse of one) that handed over a home to this lady without any consideration on fueling her independance. To answer a few of your questions, I did provide info(again via email) to enhance any research Mr. Valentine might want to do. I do have a job. As little as a few weeks ago, I had 3, 2 full time and one part time. I believe in helping people with a hand up, not by giving only hand outs. You cannot expect people to better themselves without giving them a path to empowerment. Unemployment is an issue everywhere, but while recieving temporary help to get over a hard time, why not help these people with an alternate job skill so they will again be able to work and support themselves with pride. As for the plant(Mrs. Hughes) theory. You brought that up. I just said she was a repeat begger. I’m not a Limbough or Malkin fan. I do find Hannity amusing from time to time. I’m not a republican or democrat. I just see things I think are right and wrong. I believe hand outs without longterm job skill support is wrong. Teach people to be self supporting and only ask for help in temporary hard times, not to look to someone to support them fulltime while they do nothing. As for her 800 a month in disability, I’d bet that isn’t the only fund she is recieving from the taxpayer. Let’s research her disability, find a job skill to accomodate and train her, or if it is a huge health issue, let’s find her a place to live where she can recieve complete medical care as her need arises. That would be more responsible than another handout.

    1. Hold Up. What both people are asking is not for me to do the research on your claim. I will let them speak for themselves, but they found the meaning in the message. To use a sports analogy, I was trying to convey a positive message and you toss the ball into right field when the message was aimed at center field.

      No one is calling you a Republican except for you. Your comments are typical of Republicans on the extreme right. I’m sure the Republicans who read this blog understood the message I was trying to give. If someone decided to throw the ball into left field and gave the Democrats all the credit I would have pulled them back. I may be a Democrat, but the point is that we’re have to get away from the divisiveness and ugliness that are found in comments similar to the ones you offered.

      My response to the email received from your comment was I would look into it, but their question was directed towards you. You made the comment and they’re asking you to back it up with your proof. It sounds like a rehash of Michelle Milkin and Matt Drudge type of commentary.

      Now I’m a Democrat telling you this. There’s nothing wrong with being a Republican. I joke about and with Republicans, but if you notice I try to make mention to what Democrats are doing or what both sides should be doing. Regardless if you wish to publicly align yourself with Republicans or not, your words do. I can say I’m not a Democrat, but you read this blog and you see that I tend to agree with a more liberal point-of-view.

      I don’t agree with ever person who frequently comment on here, but I respect them because they are unapologetic about their affiliations, beliefs, non-beliefs or preferences. I’m OK with you being a Republican, but don’t sit there and say I’m not a Republican when you subscribe to the ideals of the party. You’ll do the GOP a disservice when you do that.

      Why am I defending the GOP? captainkona b-slap me now. You have my permission. 🙂

      I appreciate your participation, but this is the last comment I’m accepting from you on this post. I must allow others to comment and join in. I ask for you to wait for the other commenters response.

      There’s other posts to comment on such as the one called “Ideological Moratorium”. That one should be challenging enough.

      Thank you.

  6. Hmmm,

    Repeat “beggar”?
    Are you familiar with the story of Lazarus, the repeat beggar? I don’t assume to know your religious preference if any, but being a Christian, I understand that helping someone who is trying to help them self is mandatory and in no wise debatable.

    I can’t help but wonder if you have ever had a moment of need. If so, did you “beg” for help from anyone?
    How is it that you seem to know whether or not Mrs. Hughes has had any rehabilitative vocational training?
    Sorry to respond with so many questions but you tend to speculate much on the life of a person you do not know.

    How do you know she “does nothing”?
    Do you know how difficult it can be to find gainful employment that accommodates one’s disability at her age? Especially now.

    Let’s do it this way.
    Who would pay for her vocational training? Us, right?
    Find her a place to live? That’s been done. It’s the very thing you’re complaining about. I have trouble understanding how you can insist that she not be given a “handout” then state that she should be given a “handout”. Vocational training, Food Stamps so she can eat while being trained….
    Her medical care, also a “handout”.

    It’s at this instance that I fail to see your point.

    1) You’re upset that she was given to, though no taxpayer money (as far as I know) has been used to house her in this instance.

    2) Then you suggest she be given “handouts” that will cost the taxpayers money.

    3) There’s a clear underlying disdain in your words. (“beggar” ect.)

    What exactly is it that you object to?
    Helping the poor, helping a woman or helping a Negro?

    Those are the only three things that have transpired.

  7. You would be an ideal elected representative, Tim, honest on where you stand, but openminded too. Interesting how the Congressman from Florida shared your first and last name too (wonder if you both somehow could have the same midle initial and/or name too). Hope all is well. Keep these interesting/thought-provoking post coming and have a good week sir.

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