How to Experience the Best Sex

So how do you experience the best sex?

Well if you knew me a few years ago I would have had that left leg pinned up around your…  Alright let me get serious cause I can envision my wife giving me that look that look that only women can give. Now if my sister is reading this I’m sure she will have something even worse to say. (I’m just playing) So I’ll be serious.

Seriously, the way to experience the best sex in my opinion is through intimacy. I think this quote by Dr. Norman Pittenger is a good path to walk.

“Sex is good, sex with someone you know and value as a friend is better, sex with someone you’re deeply in love with and in a long term meaningful relationship with is best.” – Dr. Norman Pittenger

We all have made mistakes when it comes to sex in one way or another. Sex is a good thing when you are comfortable with the person you’re with. When you take time to get to know each other before hoping in the bed it will surely lead to a meaningful friendship. One of the keys to experiencing the best sex is to forget about yesterday and stop worrying about tomorrow. Share the moment with each other and it will lead your to a wonderful sexual experience. Don’t forget to pay attention to each other and learn how to communicate with each other more effectively.

Enjoy the day.


3 thoughts on “How to Experience the Best Sex

  1. I’m gonna have to give you an amen on this one! Oh, if only we had the wisdom of hindsight to save us from making HUGE mistakes, especially when it comes to relationships and sex. I guess all we can do is become wiser thru experiences. Opening yourself up to someone before you truely know who they are is a bitter and hurtfilled experience. In the end, atleast in my experience, you just realize it wasn’t worth it for less than average sex! Thanks for the post.

  2. Off to take a Cold Shower as my signifigant-other is already fast asleep in anticipation of her early morning commute (so, in honor of my respect and genuine concern for her I won’t disturb her rest, but have to agree with this post wholeheartedly—shared intimacy makes for treasured memories).

    Interesting post, Tim. Not as XXX-rated as the title may have initially suggested, but the content is rated “W” for words of wisdom. Have a terrific week ahead sir.

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