Roland Burris: What have had happen was…

This one may get some may get me some praise and criticism for my opinion, but what’s new. The brown skin that I’m in is tough, so I can take it. Some may be wondering why I even mentioned the color of my skin, but perhaps you’ll understand it better after you read what I have to say.

Regardless if you agree with me politically or not you have to agree that you thought the whole Blagojevich Senate Seat Soap Opera was over when the Illinois House & Senate impeached the governor. I honestly thought that I was finished thinking, listening & talking about “the junior senator from Illinois”, but here we go again.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

😀 Come on dude. You sound like a husband who’s trying to explain why he smells like perfume and coming home late.

The next you’re going to say is, “What is the definition of is?” (References to President Clinton’s question to impeachment investigators)

I have a few things to say about this one.

1. Sen. Burris as a fellow Democrat I’m asking you not to bring in the Republicans on this in efforts to deflect a question. The Republicans has nothing to do with this one. The party itself has actually been fairly respectful on this manner. So return the gesture by leaving their name out of it.
2. I love this, because it is a test to see if Black Democrats like me are willing to speak out honestly and respectfully against a Black Democrat who is hiding something. If we want true equality we must stand for true equality at all times.
3. Democrats, I say once again. Please do not be afraid to speak truthfully about this. Just because Roland Burris is the ONLY Black U.S. Senator doesn’t not mean he must hold this seat if he is not qualified. If you want to be racially sensitive and promote fairness you would not promote any form of tokenism. He’s the ‘junior senator from Illinois’ not the ‘junior senator for Black Illinois’.
4. If the Illinois GOP was really smart they would put someone that isn’t Alan Keys up to run for this seat. What would be politically crafty would be if you placed a non-White woman or minority to run. I usually will not give the GOP any good ideas, but this is ridiculous. Now if you do something crazy and prop Alan Keys up you’ve lost already.
5. If the Illinois Democrats was smart they would start preparing someone like “Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr.” to run for this seat in 2010. That’s just one name of a person that could do it.

I get the technicalities of your explanation and answer. I personally love that. By-the-way I give you credit for standing strong in your defense. I agree with one point you made. If the media reports it correctly there will be no story.

You’re correct, that’s what they are trying to do. It’s obvious that the story is over; we’re just waiting for you to step down. If you would have heed the words of others instructing you not to accept this bag of crap Rod Blagojevich is trying to hand you, you would not be in this mess today. But you started to smell yourself and thought you were finally going to fulfill some destiny. It’s cool that you want to be a Senator and I’m sure you love your state, but let’s obtain the seat under skies clear of the clouds of suspicion.

Good Luck.

(Um, Can you pass me the popcorn?)


4 thoughts on “Roland Burris: What have had happen was…

  1. It’s almost like they are swatting to a swarm of flies coming at them in every direction.

    Video 2 is the best one.

    It’s like Atty Timothy Wright is Sen Roland Burris bigger and stronger cousin and defending his younger cousin Roland. This is entertaining. I wish I had an attorney when I was a teenager to explain away some things for me. 🙂

  2. Hi Tim,

    Interesting post. You have a knack for staying focused on the core issue, even when either side, Republicans and Democrats alike, may try to spin a particular incident instead of dealing with it fair and square with genuine effort. Guess it’s easier to play the blame game than give the American people honest elected representatives. Have a wonderful day sir. Keep those created juices flowing, and stay true to your core values too–it’s encouraging that as an African-American and Democrat you focus on the issue, not necessarily what color and/or party may be involved. Salute!

    1. Well Thank you Al. I don’t always succeed at it, but I do sincerely try. Even when the issue does involve race, politics, religion or culture I honestly try to break away from typical responses. I may see something that someone else may not see when it involves race, because of different experiences, both opinions have value. But if one sees a problem, then both should work towards resolving it. The Roland Burris Show is actually amusing and entertaining to watch. I love the interview, but I’m ‘off’ anyway. Well according to my wife at least.

  3. First of all … Al, well said about Tim’s work.

    In terms of Senator Burris;
    – The situation continues to be a mess as established from the day the governor’s tactics were disclosed.

    – I don’t see him as ‘unqualified’ … maybe not the best person for the job, but qualified.

    – In terms of him lying, straying from the truth, or whatever one wants to call it, seems that is the most qualifying characteristic to be in Washington.

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