President Obama’s Address to the Joint Session of Congress

Pres. Obama Address to Congress

Republican Response: What speech did Gov. Jindah watch?

One thought on “President Obama’s Address to the Joint Session of Congress

  1. “What speech did Gov. Jindal watch?”

    Karl Rove’s.

    The GOP want’s Americans to “trust them”?
    Effin’ LOL!!!

    Let’s see….

    Katrina, NSA spying, Lying about Iraq, betraying the trust and lives of our troops, factual treason in the Val Plame incident, war crimes, constitutional violations, blatant racism and classism, economic perdition, fouling our environment, denying health care to our children, foreign policy failure, failure to win “war on terror”, escalating the drug war……

    Oh, sure. We trust you. (puts palm to forehead and shakes in disbelief)

    Unbelievable, unmitigated audacity.

    We trust you, Jindal. Now go get us some coffee and a newspaper.

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