Whatcha Looking At?

I completely forgot to post this one last week during Black History Month, so I’m doing so today.

After reading this story and thinking about a few conversations I’ve had I personally found this one hillarious. You must read the article referenced below.

A few days ago I mentioned to my wife how everyone in my office felt compelled to come and stand in my office doorway and smile after the election and now the inauguration. None of them voted for him, so why are y’all looking at me everytime The President speaks? I voted for him and basically agree with him, but I don’t personally know him? It’s actually kind of funny, because I just wait for it now, because I’m once again, “The Only Black Person” in the office. So whenever I enter… some of you know the rest of that phrase.

I even had one guy ask me why I was at work on “Dr. King’s Day”. I asked him why was he at work? I smiled, then waited. Normally I take it off to do something constructive, but I was taken the following day off to watch the Inauguration Ceremony. So he just told me, “Happy Martin Luther King Day” and went into his office to drink his tea. I just shook my head and continued to work.

The funnest was when Michael Steele was elected chairman of the RNC. I had people emailing, texting and IM me and none of them were Black. I tried to be polite, but I asked each person, “Why are you telling me this?” I smiled and waited. The next day when I walked into the office the first thing I hear is a joke asking if “We were going to take over NASCAR next”. I told him they didn’t permit ’84 Cutless or  Esclades so you’re alright.

But recently I was telling my wife about how everyone just smiles and waves at me & our son when it’s me and him out somewhere. In short, this past Friday I was taking my son to pre-school and we stopped by McDonald’s for breakfast. 1. I just didn’t feel like preparing anything breakfast that day. 2. It makes him happy. So we go in, order, pay, sit-down and eat. Before he can get the syrup on his pancakes or I the fork in my eggs some rough looking lady comes over to tell me how cute he is. (OK, thanks) Not even a minute later someone else waves at him, then some dude is smiling at us. I’m not smiling now and beginning to question why I even came inside, was it “Hug-a-Negro Day” and I just didn’t know about it. But once we were finished and was walking out the door to my car the line for drivethru was beginning to backup. So we get ready to go between the cars and a cop was smiling at us. I don’t mind people smiling and being friendly, but I told my wife I was beginning to feel that everyone thought my name was Barack by the way everyone was smiling at us, but my Toyota doesn’t compare to the ride he got.

Anyway, I was reading this story from THE ONION, published on 02.16.09 titled “Nation’s Blacks Creeped Out By All The People Smiling At Them”. Now if you’re reading this and you are not Black, please don’t be offended. It’s actually funny and the people in the story are not serious in their responses. It’s just funny, because although we all will still encounter racism, bigotry and biases in our daily lives. We can still find the time to smile and be friendly with each other and laugh about it. Many Blacks like myself easily get along with people of many races, because we’re acustom to being in the minority, but even if you didn’t or couldn’t vote for Barack Obama a change he has brought not only to America, but to the world is the opportunity to discuss race more openly and honestly. It’s going to take time for everyone to begin to understand each other, but as long as we try we will understand it better…