Why do you want me to fail?

Although I personally do not believe all Republicans believe this I must ask a question in hopes that you may better explain this current sentiment or theme that is coming from the Republican Party and many of the public figures that are aligned with it.

This time I’m not coming against the party, but noticed that the persons who I know are Republicans that frequent this blog except for one are mysteriously quiet. I thank the one guy who does offer comments that are fair minded, because it tells me that not all Republicans are opposed to anything and everything a Democrat says or propose.

When I hear the constant message of ‘fail baby fail’ from conservative mouthpieces like Rush Limbaugh, online calls for anarchy from Sean Hannity and reminders of past government failures by southern Republican Governors with one or two brave conservative souls willing to speak out against what they’re seeing within their own party it yearns the question.

Why do you want the government to fail?

That message essentially is the opposite and counter-productive to what you proclaim the party to represent.

Now if I take the politically partisan position I can understand the argument from the GOP, because I would want the Republicans to fail. But I’ve learned that taking that position doesn’t profit anyone long-term.

If you’re not going to be apart of the solution then shut-up and leave. All we hear is No. That doesn’t help anyone and basically we the people are moving on with or without you. That’s the definition of America.

What you are presenting every day, ‘No’, ‘Fail’, ‘Don’t’ and all of the other negative messages floating out of your camp only alienates you even further. I honestly hate to see you do that.

Some are quick to mindlessly call me and others Liberal as if that’s some insult. In fact it signifies that I’m open-minded. To be a liberal you tend to respect diversity of opinion, openness of thought and consideration of practices different than your own. It doesn’t mean you agree with them, but you are open to consideration and the broader picture.

I don’t want to see the Republican Party become irrelevant or insignificant, but you are allowing the fringe of the party to push a message that is driving more and more people away with this current agenda of failure and no.

So why are you acting as if you want the government to fail?

If it helps you think about it better, think about it in a partisan way. When you ask people if they can list the positive contributions from both parties since President Obama took the oath of office what do you think the majority opinion of the people will have to say about the GOP?

That’s the message the Republican Party is delivering in full force. The handful of Republicans who are honestly doing the work of all the people they represent are publicly vilified and called “Democrat-Lite”, “Traitors” and “Weak”. Keep it up and they may decide to either walk away all together or find a place in the Democrat Party.

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2 thoughts on “Why do you want me to fail?

  1. I can’t think of a better spokesman for the GOP than a lying, gluttonous, red-faced screaming goon like Rush.

    It’s interesting how the GOP tried to change it’s face by Uncle Tom-ing Steele, but in the end, the true face of the Repig party comes shining through the lipstick to reveal a bloated, unpatriotic, washed up talking head.

    I’ll bet that sack of puss tries to run for President in ’12.

    “Four More Years”!!

    1. I agree with you about Rush. I wouldn’t go as far as calling Michael Steele ‘Uncle Tom’ because that suggest something more to one group than isn’t flattering. I know that your intent wasn’t to offend that group and I understand the context you’re saying.

      At his core he’s a good guy. I must give him credit for at least trying to make good on what the GOP has no clue on when it comes to diversity and a welcoming conversation about diversity.

      When it comes to standing up to his own party and saying to the elements of it that subtly calls him ‘Nigger’ in a round about way then smile in his face, the Black Democrats that may call him a ‘Sell-out’ or even ‘Uncle Tom’ is unfair to him, but what many Black Republicans endure for going against the political norm. Now you could rightly apply Uncle Tom and Sell-Out to some individuals such as Alan Keys or even Clarence Thomas, but Steele is actually a moderate. Now don’t get me wrong, I tend to disagree with him on many issues, but he’s will listen and consider what I have to say when others would immediately dismiss me.

      I wish he would say what needs to be said and not worry about what the extremist of his party thinks about what he just said. That’s why I put a link to the song by M.O.P. “Ante Up”, because the lyrics fits what he should do verbally to Rush and so many others. He played himself. I like how one guy framed it, “B—– Ass Move” to apologize to Rush Limbaugh the way he did. It really does prove that the problem within the GOP and its leadership is much deeper than many of us on the outside comprehended.

      The Far Right tends to hijack the party and its message. The message we hear now is denial, obstruction, opposition and no. I’m not too worried about the current list of people we see with Presidential hopes. I would only start worrying if you see Gov. Charlie Crist considering it, but the far right will probably push him out too. I personally want to see them prop up Sarah Palin again. That was more material than I could keep up with. 🙂

      Thanks for your comments.

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