Using The Lords Name in Vain

I found this program that aired a year ago to be bring out some very good points about how we talk to each other. They framed some of this in relation to Christianity, but it can be applied in other areas too.

An easy message to those who proclaim to be a Christian is actually very simple. Instead of always promoting what being a Christian isn’t, try promoting what it is?

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once asked the question, “What are you doing for others?

I believe he asks a good question when you think about it and how it relates to Christianity. When you are about to damn someone to an eternity in Hell stop to think about what you are doing and what you have already said. Then direct those words to yourself. Can someone use your words to damn you to an eternity in Hell?

When you protest against homosexuality, think about what you are saying and the message you are representing, even if you protest in silence. Is the message come across in love or is it filled with hate and contempt. When you point your finger of blame at someone does it represent the same message Jesus would deliver?

When you use the Bible to support your position lets be honest about it and address the contradictions we can find to your argument in the same Bible.

Just like the hateful speech we hear involving race, so we hear directed towards many others things. Far too often we use the Bible to provide substance to what is a substance less argument if you read that same Bible. The disingenuous spirituality of many Christians is what is turning so many away from embracing it. In essence we continue to see and hear Christians use the Lords’ name in vain. They do so not with profanity, but with the cursing of others with hateful speech.

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