The Parent From Within

There’s a reason why I call this blog “Thoughts, Ideas & Suggestions”, because this is one of those times that I’m thinking out loud in regards to a thought in hopes of receiving some suggestions.

How do you teach your child confidence when you haven’t perfected it in many areas yourself?

You do not want to be a parent that teaches the ‘Do what I say, not as I do’ doctrine. If you’re strive to be a good parent you try to teach and raise your child in the way he/she ought to go so that when they are older they may not depart from it. You don’t have to be a Christian to understand the logic behind that Biblical principle.

Of course it doesn’t mean that they will always abide by what you’ve taught them, but if you raise them in the way they should go they could never say that you didn’t tell them or they didn’t see it. If we’re honest with ourselves we can count the times we didn’t always do what our parents taught us was right ourselves.

To those who are parents you know that you are not perfect. We make mistakes and will make a few more mistakes in the future. Although we try not to make the same mistakes twice or repeat the mistakes we believe our parents made, we want the absolute best for our child or children. If not the best there is, at least the best that we can provide. So it brings me back to my original question.

How do you provide confidence?

I admit my son has followed me around since his was born. Often I find myself tripping over him and not having much time for myself, but he’s my responsibility and blessing.

I’m trying to follow the advice my father gave to me as we road to a local restaurant to pick-up some food other than what was in the hospital the day my son was born. My father told me to “always be there for my son”.

Now that was my plan, but what a daunting task that can be. You almost give up apart of your freedom so that your child can be free or at least freer than yourself.

I’m very fortunate that I had a father in my life that understood what it was like not having a father in your life, although he had a wonderful grandfather. The challenge is continuing that tradition and doing what I’m supposed to do. Teach with patience and by example.

So that’s the answer to my question. I teach my child confidence through patience and by example.

My goodness, why did I think of that at first.

You have to excuse this one, because it’s truly a random thought.


4 thoughts on “The Parent From Within

  1. I am not a parent, But I think if I was, I would be thinking, What would I want My Dad to do in certain situations, then go from there. It sounds like your Dad provided you with a blueprint on being a Dad.

    1. Thanks. Well I only been a father going on five years and it’s challenges at time, but it’s all worth while. Whenever or if you do become a father, just have patience.

  2. I like the part – showing by example. What he sees will become etched permanently in his memory of how things should operate. I’m sure you’re doing a really great job of being a Dad.

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